Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recipe Search Engine

Hi all,

I read about a new recipe search engine on today. It's called It's still in beta, but it looks pretty good. Search results show an image thumbnail ( if available), ingredients, ratings, etc., but still require the viewer to click through to the original site for the full recipe. Seems like a decent site to me, and I've requested they index my blog. Thought I'd pass on the info.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Help! Stats on subscribers?

Hi all. I know, it's been a (long) while...

Words to Eat By went a little dormant once my son, Harry, came along, but now that he's practically in college I'm ready to revitalize it and make a new push. Someone asked me the other day how many subscribers I have--I'm working on a book proposal and it could be a valuable thing to cite--but I have no idea. I've done a little investigating, but with the myriad ways readers can find our content it seems almost impossible to aggregate a total number. Bloglines, Feedburner, Google Reader, etc... Does anyone have any suggestions?

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