Friday, May 29, 2009

Has anyone heard of them?

That got in touch with me saying that they'd like to feature my blog and we'd mutually discuss what would go up. I asked them to let me know what they'd like to cover to which they didn't reply in detail but only said that they appreciate my responding. Just today I found that they've copied the content of all my posts and posted it verbatim as a sub domain (

Really wanted to know if any of you have been contacted by them and what has your response been like. For now I've sent them a mail asking them to pull down the content. I'm getting anxious about having my content there. I should have been more careful. :(

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Header-Image problem

I have finally got round to changing my blog to the (no longer new) 'elements' template/layout version of Blogger and it's causing me a bit of a headache regarding my header.

I am using an image which incorporates my blog name as my header, and have selected the elements option 'have instead of title & description' as otherwise they appear in stark black font over the top of my image - regardless of what font colour I select for them! I don't want them to show at all, but this option I have taken at the moment means there is no text for search engines to utilise, so my ranking is lousy and if you search for my site the description text is a rather useless "skip to main | skip to sidebar. Souperior" etc, rather than my own description.

Can anyone tell me how I can keep my title & description visible to search engines but not have it showing up through my lovely header image?

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Split Posts - Why?

I've seen more and more blogs lately with split posts - the kind where you have to click on a link to read the rest of the post. I guess I'm in a minority here, but this really bugs me. I want to sit and relax and read the posts, and to have to navigate to and from the main page is a pain. Can someone please tell my why this is considered a good thing to do? I've seen it encouraged - so I'm just wondering why.


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