Monday, June 30, 2008

Food Blogger Blogoversaries Calender

Hello all, this is my first post for S'cool and I would like to say thanks Sam for adding me.

Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with all of you and the foodie events around the blogosphere, but it is a goal of mine to be more apart of the food blogger community, once I have tackled some personal stuff going on right now .

I had an idea I thought would be a fun way to support our fellow food blog authors. And help create a even closer community.

I started a calender for listing food blogger blogoversary dates. The date of your food blog's official launch or first post, is your blogoversary.

The calender will allow for clickable links in the description, so you can put your blog's title in the event title, and a description of your food blog, then any links you'd like such as : your blog's link, twitter account, face book page etc. If you click on the image below, you can view an example calender event.

I used google calender to create it. It's easily searchable in the google calendar database. So your readers can follow all of their fav foodies. All public calenders are indexed by google.

You can view it by clicking this link - food blogger blogoversary. There is a small button at the bottom right you can click to subscribe/ add it to your google calender account.

You don't need to have a google account to view the calender, or get updates for upcoming or newly added food blogs :

Click on this link to subscribe with any calender that supports iCal format. Here is a list from wikipedia of apps that support iCAL.

I also burned it through feedburner. So you can subscribe or use it to add to another feed you are aggregating on your sidebar etc.

If you would like to be added to the calender:

Leave in comments or email me (email link found in my profile) the following info:

  • Food Blog Title
  • Date of launch or first post (your blogoversary)
  • Food Blog description
  • Food Blog Url
  • Any other links you want publically displayed (twitter, MyblogLog, flickr etc)
I will set each event to continue to be celebrated yearly, so you will get updated every year.

I hope this can be something that is fun and usable for everyone . It gives another way to celebrate and promote your wonderful food blogs.

This Post was written by Amber from Renaissance Culinaire

Friday, June 27, 2008

Publisher Gift Disclosures

It's that busy time of year, when book publishers have lots of cookbooks and food interest books to offer us food bloggers for free (subtly in exchange for a website review on our blogs).

When reviewing these free books, do you disclose the book's source in your post?

If you do, what is your best way to state this information in the post?

This Post was written by McAuliflower from Brownie Points Blog

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More content theft

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that there is another content stealing blog:
onlinerecipecolletions dot blogspot dot com

It doesn't have any ads yet but a lot of links to pharmaceutical products. The owner has an email address under "her" profile, but emailing her has been useless. These people (sploggers) remind me of these nasty little worms/pests that we used to have in Texas during the spring, it was just impossible to get rid of them!

This Post was written by Layla from Laylita's Recipes

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello all --

I'm new to S'cool so first I'd like to thank Sam for letting me join (stat!) after I pestered her with the following question. Thanks Sam!

My question is this: I'm thinking of trying to start either a blogging carnival or general food blogging fundraiser for Obama. But I have no idea how to plan or start a fundraiser. I'll take any and all advice.

Sam has already warned me that many people don't want to associate their blogs with politics so I'm prepared for that. And I'm not entirely married to doing this event. But I thought I'd dip my toes in the water and see what the experts (you!) think.

Thanks! And thanks for letting me a part of this!



Monday, June 23, 2008

Serious Eats: Food Photography in Restaurants

Serious Eats has a post (and ensuing discussion in the comments thread) about photography in restaurants -- specifically New York restaurants. The post is as a result of David Chang banning photography at his restaurant Momofuku Ko. Thought you all may find it an interesting read.

This Post was written by Jen Maiser from Life Begins @ 30.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great new way to add post permalink to your feed

Recently I'm having more and more trouble with people stealing my feed content, despite the fact that I've had a Blogger feed item footer for quite a while which clearly identifies the contents as belonging to my blog. A few days ago I found a website with a tab that said "Food" and the entire content of my blog for the last several months was there, with the feed item footer clearly displayed.

Not only does it concern me that my content is being used by other sites, but I also want to protect the identity of my posts so that a stolen version can't show up in a google search result above my post. (Talk about adding insult to injury.)

Yesterday I read a post about Blog Tips by BlogHer tech editor Virginia DeBolt. She talked about a new Feedburner option through Feed Flare, which inserts an author tag in the feed at the end of each post which contains the individual post permalink. Virginia points out that not only is this a good way to discourage scrapers, but it clearly identifies for Google which copy of any particular post is the original. Virginia pointed me to a post by Amanda at Blogger Buster who created the author and permalink feed flare. Using those two sources, I easily added this to my blog feed last night. Now at the end of each post in the feed, there's a line that reads:

Written by Kalyn at Kalyn's Kitchen

and if you click it, it takes you to that post on my blog. (Anyone who subscribes to my blog should be able to see it in the feed on today's post.)

This is for anyone who uses Feedburner, not just for Blogger users. I'm very excited about it, and thought other people might find it useful.

This Post was written by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen

Friday, June 13, 2008

What happened to Tastespotting?

Does anyone know the story behind the message on the Tastespotting site? It says:

"Thanks for a great 18 months! In light of recent legal complications, NOTCOT will no longer be operating"

This Post was written by Ann from Redacted Recipes

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blogging Food in Britian and the UK

I recently discovered the UK Food Bloggers Association, kind of a British version of Food Blog S'cool. The posts I saw were not as technical based as we sometimes get here on FBS, but it is an interesting read, with recipes, book reviews, blogging events, questions about ethics and advertising, but all with a British "accent."

Plus there are links to about 100 or so British food blogs to persue.

FJK of Blog Appetit