Sunday, August 31, 2008

Content Stealers - What do you do?

Recently, some great bloggers notified me that a site was stealing my content. When I went to investigate, the site was down, so I thought the problem was gone. However, this afternoon I checked again and the site is up and running again and at least half a dozen of my recipes are on there--photo, text, the whole thing. The site is called easyfastfood dot com and I'm sure they're stealing content from other bloggers as well.

At the bottom of these pages with my entire blog post, there is a link that goes back to my blog and a link to my feed. Does this count as "attribution?" Although I certainly didn't give them permission to reprint my photo and writing, I do have a Creative Commons License that allows users to share the work if it is attributed back to me. But the way the whole post is essentially on another site with a little link at the bottom just doesn't feel right to me. Is this content stealer or does it still fall under the realm of what the CC license allows? I don't see any ads on the content stealer site so it's not a commercial site, yet...

There is also something that says "This is part of a auto search RSS feed, visit the source (feedburner page for my blog) for more great recipes. Is this preying on the fact that I have full feeds? Could I avoid this by changing my feeds to a short summary only?

When I looked for a way to contact whoever is in charge of the site, I can't seem to find any contact information. What's the best way to deal with a situation like this? I'm so confused. :(

Also as a side note, to make the situation even worse, when I thanked the bloggers to who alerted me to this problem on my blog, an anonymous person leaves a comment saying "someone wanted to steal your content? =/"
Am I taking it the wrong way because it sure pissed me off.

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(I hope this only posts once, having some blogger issues right now)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


what is this about?
This blog repeats this post over and over again for two pages worth.
Why, and why is it mentioning me?

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flumoxed, I am?

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

WordPress Help

I know, me again. I need some r-e-a-l-l-y minor modifications done to my site that I can't figure out how to do myself. My usual designer/wp tech person is too busy - does anyone have a recommendation for someone who does WP site maintenance? For someone who knows what they're doing, probably only talking 1-3 hours, tops. Thanks in advance for any referrals.

Cate from Sweetnicks.

Favicon Help

Does anyone have experience with favicons? I figured out how to make one, but am having the darnedest time getting it to appear. My site uses WordPress, and I uploaded the .ico file to what I think is the right place in my control panel, but after putting the code in what I think is the right place on the WP template, it's still not showing up. Before I start banging my head against the wall, thought I'd see if any of you guys know how to make it work. Thanks in advance. :)

Cate from Sweetnicks.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Some friends of mine have launched a new food community site called Foodproof. What does that mean? This is a real social community with membership and blogs, forums, videos, recipes, cross connections and a lot more - and everyone gets access to everything in clever ways so you can make the site what you want it to be. I like the forums, the videos and just the general ambience.

Note this is a site for everyone - it is specifically NOT just for foodies - so expect that not everyone will be so sophisticated as to know how to rustle up their own buckwheat blinis with passionfruit and durian cream.

Anyway - do me and yourself a favor and go take a look.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Question on Blog Top Sites

So one day last week, my little blue button for Blog Top Sites started blinking "update html." I log in and can't find html code anywhere on their site. Send them query e-mail, still waiting for response. Log back in and poke around some more and find html code. Updated to new code. Ever since then, it doesn't register me anywhere on the list at all, and button still blinking (very bottom of my site). I went back and replaced the old code. Same thing, blinking, not registering me on list anymore.

So my questions ... 1) Anyone else having this problem? 2) Am I missing something? and 3) If I can't fix it (and they're still not responding), do you find you get any traffic from having it? I've had it for the 3-1/2 years I've had my site, but use it more for seeing where I am on the list, and don't think I've noticed any real traffic from it. Wonder if I should just nix it since it's not behaving.


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Monday, August 11, 2008

Pravda (Russian Newspaper Giant) Steals Food Photo

You all might want to keep an eye out for Pravda .. seems they like to steal food images with impunity.

They stole one of my images and even had the cojones to REMOVE MY COPYRIGHT NOTICE from my image.

I am deeply indebted to a kewl fellow photographer who wrote me out of the blue to let me know!

Here is my image:

Here is the Pravda stolen one, look closely and you can see they removed my copyright symbol and other rights related text.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hello from a New Contributor...

Hello everybody...

Like Louisa, I'm excited to be a new addition to the forum here at Food Blog S'cool — looking very forward to reading about what you're all up to, getting more active in the community and learning more about, well, whatever you're willing to share!

Hopefully I'll have some interesting tidbits of my own, but until then...

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Question about Food Buzz

I am looking at the contract offered by Food Buzz for bloggers to carry their ads.  I read the earlier posts here, but I had a specific question because I have zero technical knowledge.

After I emailed Food Buzz and created a profile, they linked my last week's posts on their site.  When you click on those links (and I mean "When I click" because I'm sure no one else has found my profile there!), you see a screen with Food Buzz at the top and what looks like my blog filling the rest of the screen.  But the URL says ""  When I click on the links, I stay on ""  

Is this nefarious or normal?  I was curious about Food Buzz because I saw it on some really good blogs like Lunch in a Box and Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants.  I'd appreciate any feedback, but my first question is whether Food Buzz has just copied my blog for itself or has done something that helps both of us.  Blogging is just a hobby, but I don't want to create content for some company that just takes it.

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Replace this line of text with the main body of your post

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Hello! I'm a brand spanking new member of your forum. So thrilled to be a part of what you're doing. I just started a new food blog in Portland, OR and I'm sure to find all sorts of valuable tips and suggestions on your site. And eventually I hope to contribute in a meaningful way too.

Yea, Louisa

Friday, August 01, 2008

JotForm or other collect form?

Has anyone had success with using JotForm or some other data collection method for their blogs? I need a form that collects to a data source (txt, csv, xls as opposed to emailing data to me) and can be downloaded.


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Twitter Updates

Hi All,

I thought it would be interesting to see what people are thinking about twitter these days.
If you'd like to share your twitter name that would be great.

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