Saturday, July 30, 2005

[Tags] [Blogger] Putting your tags on a post template

Thanks to Andrew for all the good information about tags. He helped me find a mistake I was making in Technorati that completely knocked me out of their system (at least I think that's what did it, anyway it's fixed now).

I wanted to share an idea I had that is working well. Now mind you, I'm in first grade in this s'cool, so if everyone else already is doing this, just indulge me. I am pretty proud that I thought of it.

On Blogger there is a place in dashboard (under Settings / Formatting) where you can create a post template by adding any html language for formatting that you want to use on every post. I use the same tags for Technorati about 90% of the time, so I made a template with the tags on it. That way they automatically are on the new page when I create a new post. It's great. It's much easier than saving them as a text file and cutting and pasting every time, which is what I had been doing. And if I want to change one of the tags, I can just go into html when I create the post and change what needs to be changed.

I hope there is someone reading this who is as technologically challenged as I am who can benefit from this idea.

Question - new window or not?

Just a quick question (perhaps it should be put in a poll) do you, when surfing the web, like links to open automatically in a new window or not?

On your website do you put target="_blank" against each a href or not?

[Tags][Promotion] Icerocket

Just continuing the thread from a week or so ago I see that another blog search site - Icerocket - now supports tags. icerocket seems to be generating a lot of interest in the techie side of the blog world - i still prefer technorati mind but making sure you are listed on both can only help raise the profile of your site.

Icerocket seems to pick up the same tags as technorati from the same code. So the spittoon posting on the napa declaration shows the full technorati tags line in the icerocket search results.

It may be worth altering the tag code to exclude a direct reference to technorati. The code to tag specifically for icerocket is

{a href="" rel="tag"}tagname{/a}

If you want to tag a word within text, rather than have a seperate line of tags, you can add rel=tag to any a href. ie

{a href="" rel="tag"}wine tasting notes{/a}

Not sure if technorati picks this up though but worth experimenting.

You need to ping icerocket, as with other such facilities, via or online.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Backing Up Blog On A Regular Basis

I know this topic has been brought up before but I thought it is important enough to bring up again as it can happen to any one of us. Recently a well known blogger in Singapore got her Blogger and Gmail account hacked. The hacker deleted all 3000 e mails and 3 years worth of posts in 12 blogs. Before reading about this incident it has never occur to me that I should back up my blog in a local drive (yes, really silly of me) but from now on, I think I will make it a point to archive on a regular basis.

I don’t think there are Typepad users more ignorant than me but anyway, here is how you export your blog into your computer."


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Big Blog looking for food bloggers. Will pay small fee:

This an email that was sent to everyone at Food Blog S'cool:


I've been enjoying food blog s'cool as a lurker. I write for Weblogs Inc (home of, and other large blogs). We are planning a food blog and looking for foodies interested in blogging with us. There is a small amount of pay involved. Your blogroll is such an amazing list of talented foodbloggers, I thought I'd check in and see if any of them would be in coming aboard. Our dream is to create a blog that brings together food-passionate people from around the world who have a variety of opinions, cooking styles and levels of expertise. You can have interested people email me for more info.


IMBB tea spam, er... offer

Did anyone else get this email? I'm posting it here cause it shows a landmark in IMBB events- they're attracting spamer attention! And yeah, I guess it is ironic that I'm re-posting it...

edited July 31: the offer for free tea from Adagio looks legitimate (see Clement's response in the comments). I'm sending off for a free tea set on behalf of this Food Blog S'cool mention. Do you want to try out Adagio's tea and get a free tea set? Click here and to see the details. They are offering a free tea set in exchange for a link posted on your website. Now if only that guy contacting me about posting a link to his KitchenAid site would offer us free Kitchen Aids in exchange...)


Might you be taking part in this month's "Is My Blog Burning," an event that
brings together bloggers from around the world to cook dishes with a common

This month's theme is tasteTea, a dish of your choice prepared with tea: .

We would like to contribute by mailing you complimentary teas. We are Adagio
, the most popular destination for tea online:

Simply reply with your selection of teas and mailing address. Will gladly
contribute to your participation in the IMBB phenomenon,

There are always more people watching and reading your blog thatn you are aware of...
Hi Everybody!

Does anyone (who uses a Mac) know if there is a way to make photo collages (a la Picasa) with Flickr? I am not the biggest fan of posting multiple shots, and would love to put up just one that is a collage/series.



Tuesday, July 26, 2005

[HTML] Site Search

I finally figured out how to get Google to search my site, BUT I still can't figure out how to get it to search the archives. I'm sure it's a basic code change, but I'm just too html-challenged. Will someone please help me? Thanks!

[Blog Directories] GapingVoid List

For wine bloggers - to any degree - you might like to add your site details by editing

Monday, July 25, 2005

[Graphics] JussPress

Not looked at this in any great depth but it may interest some -

JussPress is a unique online video (and photo) hosting and distribution service. JussPress converts uploaded videos to Flash and automatically generates a snippet of code that can be embedded in your blog or site page to display your video in a fully streaming format. This means that your video clip starts to play almost instantaneously avoiding viewers the need to first download and then view the clip. JussPress also organizes your videos by year, month, week, day and more. JussPress makes also use of a handy mini-tool that once installed sits on your desktop. By simply dragging files to that icon they are immediately uploaded to the JussPress servers. JussPress supports .mpg, .avi, .mov, and .wmv video file types, all digital cameras popular photo formats, as well as full compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix computers. The free version of JussPress is limited to 1,000 photos and 10 videos (maximum length for each video is 2 minutes). If you want to bump your video hosting capacity and get rid of the ads that appear in the basic version, just donate $5/month to JussPress and have no more limits on number of video clips uploaded.

Video clips demonstrating your cooking skills perhaps?


Sunday, July 24, 2005

[Blogger] another unwanted space problem

I am trying to add this table to my blog but for some reason it adds a huge chunk of space above it < Help I can't work out why because there is nothing before I start the code for the table
Me Please!>

the code I am using to create the errant table above:

<TD ROWSPAN=2 bgcolor="#EE799F">I am trying to add this table to my blog but for some reason it adds a huge chunk of space above it</TD>
<TD width="55" bgcolor="#EE799F"><span style="font-weight:bold;"> < Help</span></TD>
<TD ROWSPAN=2 bgcolor="#96C8A2">I can't work out why because there is nothing before I start the code for the table</TD>
<TD bgcolor="#96C8A2"><span style="font-weight:bold;"Me Please!></span></TD>
</td bgcolor="#fef5fc"></TABLE></span>

[Calendar] Euro Blog by Post

For all Euro food bloggers - send a food parcel/receive a food parcel. Closing date for participants is Friday 29th. Make and Package over the weekend to post off on the Monday. Full details at
Hope you will join in the fun!

mailing lists?s

Hi all!

My wife and I have recently started blogging for our upcoming newborn as well as the food-related blog that I run. (They're and if you're interested)

Is there as way to start up a mailing list so that when a site is updated, people get the new post emailed to them? When I update our blogs, I do get an email in my main account, so I guess I could just forward that to everyone, but it would be nice if this could be automated.

Several of the people who frequent our baby site aren't completely computer savvy (read: grandparents, etc.) so going with .rss feeds isn't really an option (although I should set one up for the foodie blog).

Sorry for the non-food related spam, but I thought this would be a good place to ask!



Saturday, July 23, 2005

[TAGS] [Promotion] Do You Tag?

Been round a few sites and seen tags? No! Well if you have been to you will see at the bottom of each post a little technorati tags line.

What is it? Hard to explain briefly but it has been described as book marking – you decide the topics your post fits into. Then others can find your post using the same tags. Social book-marking is similar but this is where others tag a post they didn’t author.

Topics? With relevance to this forum you would take the existing tags such as Food and Drink, wine, wine tasting notes and add a tag to the bottom of your post. You could add your own too – such as muffins, recipes, eggs whatever you like.

Set-Up.You must first register your site at Follow the instructions but if your site is not indexed within a day or two a little email prompt to the site should work. You can then also add a technorati profile link to your blogs sidebar too. Don’t forget to upload an icon (perhaps the same as your gravatar icon). This image will be displayed against each of your posts.

If you are adding tags manually – a simple cut and paste is what I use – you would add a line of code such as

{div class="technoratitag"}Technorati Tags:
{a href="" rel="tag" target="_Blank"}wine{/a}  {a href="" rel="tag" target="_blank"}food & drink{/a} {a href="" rel="tag" target="_blank"}wine tasting{/a}{/div}

(replace {} with <>)

As you can see there are three tags here – wine, food and drink and wine tasting. Multiple words need a + between them.

To tell technorati that a new post has been added to your blog you need to ping them. Most blogging tools have a permanent ping these sites type box. Either tick the technorati box, add the following to the list
or can do it manually by going to the technorati ping page – I think wordpress pings technorati via ping-o-matic automatically but not sure.

Uses – Frequent Searches and make a search an RSS feed
If you would like to track a particular topic – it’s a great way to discover new blogs and keep up to date with recent news stories – you can set up a technorati ‘watchlist’ For example to set up a watch list on recipes do a search on that tag.
On the search results page – along with blog posts and flcikr/buzznet photos, there is a little link in the top right ‘add to watchlist’. Click on that.
Now you have regularly updated ‘recipe’ page. If you are using an RSS feed reader you can add that watchlist to your reader – there is little blue RSS button on that page.

Uses – Track your own blog
Vain? Umm, that’s me! Set up a watchlist on your blog name and/or url. Now everytime someone mentions you on a blog you can see who and what!

Uses – Link to technorati
Want a link to the latest muffin recipes? Set a link to or just those tagged with recipes

Relevant Tags
I suggest the following either to add to each post you make or to set up as a watchlist – food+and+drink, recipes, wine, wine tasting, eomeote, wbw, wine+blogging+Wednesday etc etc

This post refers to Technorati – the main blog search directory. Others use tags too. Flickr for example and another blog search site IceRocket. If you use WordPress there is a plug-in for adding tags to your posts which points to technorati, and flickr. I use movabletype and manually add tags to each post.

Friday, July 22, 2005

(Blogger) My Site Search Stopped Working

I hope this query is not just displaying how dumb I am about all this technology stuff, but if so, I guess it's still ok because I can really use help. I am having a strange problem with my site search. For some reason my site search button (on the nav bar on Blogger) is not able to find anything posted after July 8. (I discovered this by trial and error until I came to the dates where the search is working.) It also does the same thing on my Google AdSense search box. I posted a question on blogger forum and someone replied and said it is probably because Google has not indexed my site since then. Is that possible that it would be that long since they have been to my site?

My previous posts before July 8 show up fine when I type in an ingredient and search. I get a complete list of everything. Therefore I am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that it can't be a template problem, otherwise when I republished it would have affected every post.

This is driving me crazy because I have a small but loyal group of readers who use the site all the time to find recipes. Currently they can't find anything I've done for the last two weeks, except by scrolling down the page.

I would be so grateful for any suggestions or ideas that anyone is willing to share. (I'm only in about the first grade in this s'cool, so please speak slowly and use short words.)

Kalyn Denny

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is Trackback Useful?

I've read up on trackbacks but I still don't understand how it works. Is this a useful thing to have? I added in free haloscan trackbacks and comments to my blog and then learned that unless you are a paid haloscan user, old comments (3 months I think) won't be displayed. They don't tell you this when you least not that I saw. Then I had to go back in and remove the haloscan comments and replace the blogger ones. I kept the trackback though. Should I ditch that too?

[Blogger] How I load Images

I load all of my images to Blogger using Picasa and Hello


  • Because it works perfectly every time

  • It is fast and easy

  • It is absolutely free

  • Blogger allows you to load large images - up to 1024 res

  • I currently have over 1500 x 1024 res images stored on blogger for free

  • Other Considerations

  • I have a separate blog dedicated to my photographs which I hide from my profile

  • When using hello I set my Inline image to 400

  • When using hello I set my Archive image to 1024

  • Picasa/Hello work only with a PC. Not available for mac users.

  • Blogger does not allow third party links to photographs stored on Blogger

  • The photos I store on Blogger can be used on any Blogger blog I own

  • But ther Blogger bloggers cannot directly link to my photos.

  • How to I add my pictures to my Blog posts?

  • First I make Sure I use navigator tabs. File->New->Navigator Tab (or Ctrl+T)

  • In one window I open the blog post I am creating.

  • In another window I open the blog where I have loaded my pictures.

  • I go to the picture I want to use, click my right mouse button down on it and select "View Image"
    This shows me the photographs resolution at 400 resolution.

  • I select the url and 'Copy'

  • I go to the post I am creating and paste in the url of the image into the appropriate place.

  • What is the appropriate place?
    Here are some examples:

    photograph picture of the Explanation of this example (look in the grey box underneath for the code)
    The first url with the href is the link - this is where you will go if you click on the photo. This could be the same image, a larger image or another webpage. In this instance it is a larger version of the image. Next we read in the image you will see on your post. the border is set to 0 = no border. The class is a blgger thing - you could cut this out and it would still work. Next we align the picture to the left size. Left can easily be replaced with right. This will only work where your ohoto is small enough to allow text to wrap to the side in your post. Next I am reducing the size of my image further using width and height. If you do mthis make sure you keep the proportions/ratio the same as your original photo. If you cut the width and height your picture will show up at the input res of 400. Fianlly alt - this is the magic bit: ANy words you choose to put in here will be alternative text for your picture. This is a great way of hiding words in your post that will be picked up by google searches, but that you will never be seen by the general public looking at your post.

    <a href=''>
    <img border='0' class='phostImg' src=''align="left" height="148" width="200" vspace="8" hspace="8" alt="photograph picture Rachael Ray and Sam "></a>

    I coud do more of these examples if anyone needs help, but that is enough for tonight.

    Why don't I use Flickr?

    Well - actually I do use Flickr a bit - for loading pictures I want to show in a Flickr group like EOMEOT and or if I want to them to show on technorati tag like WBW.

    But the reason I haven't adopted them - was
    1) they may charge you for using lots of bandwidth. (at least they did - do they still?)
    2) the resolution is smaller than blogger.

    Ok - that's just my world view. It may well be wrong, please feel free to correct me, but if you have a PC and use Blogger - then I can't recommend this route enough.

    And also they allow auto-moblogging too which is totally easy and wonderful to use.

    OK - time for dinner - hope that helps

    Images and Blogs

    So I'm still new to blogging and the one thing I'm still having issues with are images--the best way to upload, where to host them, how to link them, size them, etc.

    I've been using Hello/Picassa from the beginning (as I thought this was my only option). I've been trying to figure out how to size the images once they're uploaded through Hello. Is this even possible or must I do it before uploading?

    I noticed on a previous post that several bloggers have been using Blogger Images, but at least one person is finding that it doesn't produce very good results. Has anyone else used Blogger's own uploading and hosting service? What do you think?

    I noticed some bloggers using Flickr, but is it pretty manageable (i.e. you don't spend hours pulling your hair out trying to get things to work)? How do you link from Flickr to the blog?

    Looking back on this post, may I suggest a "class" on the various ways to upload and host images? Is there anyone interested in teaching. I know I would be a diligent student with virtual notebook ready.


    What is a gravatar? - simply it is an image that appears next to your name when ever you comment on Gravatar enabled sites. It is very simple to set up and its free - have a look at the gravatar website.

    You will need to install a plug-in for movabletype and wordpress sadly LiveJournal is not yet supported. For Blogger they suggest replacing the commenting system with HaloScan or blogkomm which do. Other modifications for other blog tools are given.

    Wanna see it in action? Well it would seem there is only me and one other in the food/wine blog world that uses it. I see it all the time in other fields. HAve a look at

    If you need some help with graphic design or how to modify your movable type template just ask.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2005

    [Blog Directories] Good? Bad? Ugly? Your Opinions Wanted

    I'm a new blogger and have just learned about blog directories. I read about here, and signed up for that one (thank you!). Now I am finding out about other sites like blogwise and blogarama.
    Help. Any advice for a beginner? Comments? Suggestions? Warnings? Favorites? Are any giving you tons of spam or some other unpleasant thing? If you use them, do you think they are helping bring visitors to your blog?

    Tuesday, July 19, 2005

    Posting Logos / Images in Typepad

    We have a couple logos going for the Eat Local Challenge and a fellow blogger asked me for help getting her logo into a side column. I wrote out the directions for her and thought I'd post them here too in case they can help someone else. This works if you have Basic or Plus. If you have pro, you need to just add the image ref to your template.

    Disclaimer: I am not claiming that this is the best way -- there is probably someone who will see my dorky way and laugh, but I know that it works.

    The directions can be found here (I tried to cut and paste into Blogger but it took my text and tried to make it into image files and it was ugly).

    Jennifer added the following note: One thing I did notice is that when I try to place the logo link on the left, under the "about" link, it offest my entire blog in a bad way. It worked much better either at the end of the typelists on the left or at the top or bottom of the right. Not sure why this is, though.

    [RSS] An introduction.

    If you don’t have an rss feed I wont read your postings. And neither will an increasing amount of other people.

    What is an RSS feed? At a simple level it is a way to notify people that your site has been updated. You use an RSS reader to subscribe to a feed – look on it like the old email newsletter subscriptions but without the need to send your email address to the producer. Each time your site is updated the rss reader will pick this up and display the details in the reader. If you have a hundred sites you would like to keep an eye on it saves tons of time in not having to visit each site in turn on the off chance there is going to be something of interest. If you don’t like the site or tire of it after a while you can easily unsubscribe from the feed. You can check your reader however frequently you like - although it does become addicitive! I have 115 subscriptions at the moment.

    A reader – another piece of software? Indeed, but you can use newsgator within outlook (but not outlook express) which makes each retreaved posting act like an email. Newsgator also has an online version which syncs with outlook. There are many online RSS readers so you don’t have to download anything. My stats show that Bloglines, Newsgator, NetNewsWire, Firefox Live and My Yahoo are the top readers for my feeds. As on spittoon you can set up an ‘easy to subscribe too’ button for each of these readers.

    Is it worth it? My internet reading time is limited. I only read sites regularly that have an rss feed that appears in my reader. Many other people are doing the same. Many blogs are updated several times a day; by looking at the heading you can see if the post is of interest and either read the post in full in your reader or follow the link to the permanent link page.

    How? All blog software, I think, produces an RSS feed sometimes labelled Syndicate this site. Often this is hidden away at the bottom of a blogs sidebar; perhaps because the owner is not too sure exactly what it is. If you look at you will see I have put a selection of rss feeds in a prominent position. I have far many more rss readers than site visitors.

    Stats? If you sign up to feedburner – the free version suits me just fine – you get full stats on your feed. How many people read each post, the reader they used etc etc. You can run an existing feed through feedburner so you wont loose any existing subscribers.

    Do I set an html link? Indeed you do. And the more prominent you make it the better in my book. Use an image to make it stand out. So the RSS feed for this site is and for spittoon run through feedburner and wrapping it around an image it is

    {a href=}{img src="" width="80" height="15" align="right" title="You require an RSS aggregator or reader to subscribe to the Full (all postings) feed from Spittoon." border="0"}All Entries{/a}

    You will need to replace the { and } with < or >.

    RSS versions. As will many aspects of computing there are various standards. RSS1, RSS2 Atom etc. It shouldn’t matter what feed type you generate as most readers can cope with them all. If you use feedburner it converts the feed automatically.

    What else can I use feeds for? Feedburner allows you to redisplay your postings on other sites. Good if you run several websites and want to cross promote them with little work. Have a look at for one such example. You can also have feedburner splice in google adverts if you have been accepted into that specific program. Flickr photos are also possible. You can also set up search feeds via blog search tools. I will leave that one for another post however.

    Monday, July 18, 2005

    Common Screen Resolutions

    Do you ever think about screen resolution when developing your blog? Below are the most common screen resolutions, which is interesting reading for those of us who are creating web spaces for the "public."

    1. 1024 x 768 54.02%
    2. 800 x 600 24.66%
    3. 1280 x 1024 14.1%
    4. 1152 x 864 4%
    5. 640 x 480 0.6%
    6. 1600 x 1200 0.8%
    7. 1152 x 870 0.1%

    I just checked my stats, and they run pretty close to the above numbers, provided by The one that really always surprises me is that the #2 screen resolution is 800 x 600. Have you ever tried looking at your site in that resolution? It's not always pretty.

    It's definitely not the end of the world if you never check on this, but it's sometimes a nice thing to do when you are playing around with templates.

    There are a couple of ways that you can see what your site looks like at a different resolution. I believe that there are a couple of programs you can use. I usually end up changing my display settings on my monitor to check on things:

    From a windows box:
    > Open your control panel and select display
    > Select the settigs tab
    > Change the screen resolution to the resolution you'd like.
    > Select ok.
    > To change it back, do the same thing.

    Interestingly, once I do this then the sites that drive me crazy with their teeny tiny font (ie., dooce) look great in 800 x 600. I think I'm getting old ;)

    P.S. Can anyone tell that I am procrastinating? I mean, who needs to check screen resolutions in the middle of the day!

    [calendar] Dine and Dish no. 4 Has a Celebrity Host!

    Dine and Dish no. 4 has a celebrity host! By now, you probably have all already been over to the host's site to check out the theme (and most certainly laughed your patootie off), but in case you haven't...the celebrity host for Dine and Dish no. 4 is SAM of Becks and Posh!!!

    Now take the little jump over to her annoucement post to see why Sam should becomes a cover model for Maxim magazine ;)

    FYI - the deadline is Monday, August 22.

    Sunday, July 17, 2005

    [Promotion] New directory thingy

    It is new - so not many sites listed as yet - but may be worth listing your site on. A little bit of code needs to be added to the front page of your blog which displays the number of visitors.

    Why add it? Well we all like to know how other people feel about our site and blogtopsites allows comments to be left and ratings made on each listed blog. At the end of the day it is more exposure for your site. Another link cant hurt.

    I have been in email communication with the chap behind blogtopsites; he has made a couple of adjustments - like changing the topic from just food to food and drink. It may come to nothing or it may develop into something important. Run with it and lets see what happens...

    [Blogger] [HTML] I hit enter once, blogger acts like I hit it twice

    Help. After typing about five paragraphs of a post just now, Blogger suddenly started adding an extra blank line every time I hit the enter key to start a new paragraph. Usually I end a paragraph and I have to hit the enter key twice to get a blank line (that I want to be there) between each paragraph. Now I hit enter once and it skips two lines, making my post look stupid. I didn't go in and change anything (at least not on purpose--maybe I hit some weird key?)
    Here's the link to the problem post in case looking at it helps you (scroll down a little ways to where the numbered lines start. After each numbered line, I didn't put that blank line in there):
    And one more thing. When I put in a link (like to a book title), it's putting a space in between the last letter of the link and the next thing I type. For example, I ended a sentence with a book title link and there is a space between the last letter of it and the period. That definitely makes me look like an idiot. Any ideas?
    I had a similar "double space" problem happen when I typed up a recipe that had lots of short lines. It looks like I made it double-spaced, but I didn't. And then the paragraphs of instructions look double spaced but aren't. I don't know how to fix that one either. Here's the link to it (the recipe is at the bottom):
    I'm really new to (and bad at) all this mysterious HTML stuff. Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    P.S. Okay, this is really weird. On this post (my first time here), I hit the enter key three times after each paragraph and still couldn't get a blank line between them?!

    Saturday, July 16, 2005

    About that stupid grey blogger bar ^ above

    I don't know why it is there instead of the top.
    I copied the same template to my test blog and it didnt have the same error.
    Despite Amy's post on the subject a few days ago, I can't work out how to get rid of it on this blog, sorry.

    Please be patient until I can try agin.


    Friday, July 15, 2005

    Food Blog S'cool Goes International!!

    Food Blog S'cool has spawned its first sibling educational establishment in a language other than English. Congratulations to our French-speaking friends, who now have a forum for their food blogging questions too.

    Nos blogs cuisinés has been launched by "Claire Japon" who has a beautiful blog called Clea Cuisine.

    If you would rather be speaking French instead of, or as well as, English during class, then head over to Nos Blogs Cuisinésand sign up. It works (I think ) in much the same way as this blog, although is more "canalblog" oriented.

    School memembership is not exclusive. You can be a member of both if you can converse in the appropriate languages.

    [Calendar] Uncle Wiggly's Good Time Cooking Contest

    Yup, you guessed it. A cooking/recipe contest is being held in and around Meathenge. In the last six months or so I've run out of those nice daily meals for my family. In a little over 10 years I feel I've done really well. However, today? I feel like a used tube of toothpaste.
    Please take a moment to go read the details of the contest and come share the love.


    Thursday, July 14, 2005

    [Misc] Get a logo made for your blog! will design a logo especially for you for $25. They also have more expensive packages in case you want to do more with your logo than just post it, like use it on T-shirts, etc.

    Monday, July 11, 2005

    [calendar] More events to mark in your diary

    Announcement: Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 -- Drink Local. Real Local.
    go to Lenndevours for the announcement.

    Check out Jen Maiser's site Life Begins at 30 for more details on what else you can do to eat local during the month of August. I hope I am not being presumptious in suggesting she might be a good person to turn to if you have any questions or need any help or encouragement.

    Announcement: Sugar High Friday #10 -- Oh Honey, You Shouldn't Have!
    go to Baking Sheet for the details.

    Announcement: Does My Blog ook Good In This # 7 --!
    go to Lex Culinaria for the details.

    [calendar] reminder for 2 blog events

    Reminder: for Dine and Dish no. 3 - please make sure to send an email.
    Otherwise this lazy girl just might miss it ;)

    Most of us are very busy with our summer schedules - in real life and our cyber lives - so much that it's hard to keep track of everything that is going on! just wanted to pop in with a calendar reminder about two online events coming up:

    1) Paper Chef no. 8 kicked off last Friday, and because our Chairman Owen of Tomatilla is on vacation this week, the deadline has been extended by one whole week to Monday July 11! The list of ingredients are: cheddar cheese, olives, spinach, and either cream or potatoes (but not both). So off we go for another twirl in each of our own personal kitchen stadiums!

    2) July 11 is also the day for our delicious dishing session for Dine & Dish no. 3 - The Freshman. Just eat out at a place that is in its first year (freshman) then post about the experience (the good, the bad, the ugly) on Monday, and email me with the link to the post. I'll put up the summary on The Delicious Life sometime shortly thereafter.

    [photos] blogger is killing me!

    is anyone else having trouble with posting photos to blogger with the program Hello? i have not been able to upload a single photo all morning, and it's driving me crazy!

    Saturday, July 09, 2005

    Psst! Wanna remove the Blogger navbar?

    If you are hosting your Blogger blog you can easily remove it but if Blogger is hosting it you'll need a work around. I have been experimenting on my "test blog" and found this code that removes the top navbar (if you are so inclined).

    Find < body >

    insert before and after

    < noembed >
    < body >
    < /noembed >

    remove the spaces between the < > and voila! your navbar goes bye bye

    3 columns in Blogger?

    Has anyone successfully found a way to create 3 columns in blogger or blogspot? Would you be willing to share info and html code? Thanks so much, Carolyn

    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    linking your other sites to your food blog

    Like many others with a food blog, I have other web sites--some business, others personal--and I am wondering about establishing linkage between them and my food blog. I can see how perhaps a link to my business might be a good idea (I am a writer so this even makes sense) but then there are others that I am less sure about.

    Like sites based on humor.

    I have a Cafe Press site that is selling items with a humorous line on them. But one person's joke is another person's fighting words so I am not sure if I should link one site to another. OTOH, it's not unreasonable to use one of my sites to promote another of my sites--especially the one that might make me a nickel.

    But I don't want to lose readers either.

    Thoughts? What of your other stuff do you link to? How? Have you had any feedback or did nobody even notice?

    (if you want to see the humor in question, the cafe press shop is "usorthem" (all one word) but i am not linking directly to avoid this seeming like self-promotion, which is not the point)

    Friday, July 01, 2005

    Blog Polls, Cont

    In the post below, darell asked if there is an easy way to create polls in your blog. I just found a site called blogpoll that allows you to create your own polls - I am testing it out here:


    is there an easy way to add a poll to your blog?