Thursday, April 21, 2005

[Blogger] Posting Pictures, Part 2

I'm using Hello to post pictures in my blog. Is there a way to run the text next to the picture, as oppposed to just the top and bottom? Hate the waste space like that if there's a simple way around it.


Clare Eats said...

Hi Sweet nicks, Your son is sooo cute! sorry back to business now

You can but you have to set the image as a background you can do it like this (replace [] with <> )

[table width="400" height="400"][tr][td background="" width="400" height="400"]Hi from on top[/td][/tr][/table]

make the table and image height and widths to the size of the picture, or the size that you want the picture to be... you might want to preview it first to check that you can read the writing

hope this helps

sarah said...

hi sweetnicks! if you mean floating a smaller image to the left or right and having text "wrap" like i do on my blog, and if you are using css, you can use the "float" property when you define an img. i have set up two image sizes on my blog, one that i use for the big picture at the top of a post, then a smaller size, which i float either left or right.

sarah said...

ok, duh - you are using blogspot's template, so you can add to the style sheet! let me know if you need help.

Culinary Fool said...

If you are comfortable editing your HTML, you can also add either align="right" or align="left" in your img statement. This will "float" the image to one side or the other of your paragraph and wrap the text on the other side.

If you use this method you may also want to know the commands for setting some space around your photo (otherwise the text may bump up against it). These commands are vspace="x" or hspace="x", where x=the number of pixels you want to leave between the photo and the text, usually some number between 5 and 10 works well.

So a full statement would look like this: (replace[] with <>)

[img src="url" align="right" vspace="8" hspace="8"]

Then make sure your text and the img statement are in the same paragraph (between the [P]and [/P])