Tuesday, April 26, 2005

[Blogger] Profile Help

Managed to get a picture uploaded to my Profile/Blog - thanks for those that helped me with that. Two questions: How can I make the picture bigger on my blog? and how do I move the NAME and LOCATION over to the left margin. I've been playing around with it for awhile now and no success yet...


McAuliflower said...

Your image was uploaded as a larger size than you have it set to in the blogger code. Read the discussion on image size and quality in the comments on "Manipulating Pix without Graininess". You are running into the same quality issues because you are "trying to squeeeeeze a big grapefruit of an image into a tiny Altoid sized space on your page" to quote my Sweets imitating Shirley. :)

To make your photo bigger... go into your code and change your pixel parameters. Your code for the image currently reads:
height="60" width="80". These are in pixels. Remember to keep your height and width proportionate. (better yet- go back and upload your image in the size you want it to really be!!)

To help yourself figure out what size you want, I suggest you go download a neat free tool called "Cool Ruler". Its a ruler that you can drag across your computer screen and use to measure anything you want. What I like to do is change its units from inches to pixels and measure pictures and whatnots in pixels. This is also great for trying to figure out parts of templates (what's that big pink side area called in your code? Well, measure it in pixels, then go search for that specified size in your code or style sheet.)

Now, in regards to moving it to "the left margin". I don't see a left margin on your site... are you saying that you want to move your whole right side bar to the left instead (all your links and everything else included?), or are you wanting to change your template design to a three column layout (like mine)?

I've already given you a bit of homework to do before we go on to more template tweakin.

Plus, you still need to change your "repeat-x" problems. :)

Rest up and get well... and tackle your take-home assignments when you can.

McAuliflower said...

Sweetnicks, your site looks great in Mozilla!

Cate said...

Thank you!! Many thanks to you and your friend for helping out with that - I had no idea some people were having trouble seeing it. Now to work on my profile picture. :)