Wednesday, April 20, 2005

[Blogger]Posting Pictures

How do I make a picture that's on my blog smaller? I just put up a new post, but the picture is way bigger than I'd like. Help!


Sam said...

sweetnicks - can you tell us how you upload the pics? I can help you, but only if you use the same method as I do (hello)

Clare Eats said...

Hi Sweet nicks,

You can alter the size of your image like this:
if you use the standard blogger image code, after the url and " enter:
height="x" width="x" with the size you want your images to be instead of the x
sorry I wasnt allowed to put in all the code :/

I hope this helps

Cate said...

Clare - I'll go try that now. Sam - yup, using hello.

Cate said...

Ugh ... not working...

Cate said...

Had it in wrong place -- works now. Thanks so much!

Clare Eats said...

Hey Sweet Nicks!

I am glad...!
I only just joined blog scool today!

I dont know what to use to disable html code in a post so that we can share html tips more easily...?

This technique is good for slight chages in image size, but remember that you need to try and keep the right image proportions or you will end up with a weirdly stretched image. And you are better off to try and make the image the right size from the start cause then you wont waste storage or bandwidth where you store your image :)

Sam said...

Clare - there is a great tip for this in the comment section of Food Blog School's second ever post. Go here to see it.
And thanks for the tip, I did not know you could do it that way - I always load pictures at the size I want them to be. This certainly adds more flexibility, thanks.

Clare Eats said...

Thanks Sam thats a great tip.... I think the problem I was having is that I was trying to preview the post...

for completness here is the code so that the same problem doesnt happen again. replace the [] with <>.

[img src="" height="x" width="x" /]

you can use this to see how big you want your picture to be, then change the picture in an art package(change the canvas size or resize) and repost it to your image host with the same name... so that the right sized image will appear and you wont need to change your html code.

Sam said...

hey clare - sorry - i meant this: (its great)

You can use escaped characters to show code in HTML. So you can tell folks they need to type:

Blah Blah

< = <

> = >

The only problem is that if you preview your comment or post, blogger will convert for you & you'll be back in the same situation again. However, if you just select "publish your comment", it seems to work fine.

Clare Eats said...

Hey Sam!

I am such a fool ;P, I only just got it! ...

< img src="" height="x" width="x" />

thanks clare

Culinary Fool said...

Also, when you use the height and width parameters make sure you keep the scale the same, other wise you'll get a skewed photo. So if the original picture was 100H and 200W and you want to reduce or expand it a little multiply both numbers by the same percent:

90% = 90H & 180W
75% = 75H & 150W
67% = 67H & 134W
125% = 125H & 250H

etc. Hope that makes sense!