Tuesday, April 19, 2005

(Typepad) How to Organize Archive

I have noticed that some people have organized their archive or category pages so that you see a list of titles at the top, each title is a link and takes you to the post. After each post is a "top of page" link. Can anyone tell me how to do this? I have upgraded to Pro so that I can control the html on all pages, supposedly, but I can't seem to get there. (follow the link to a Choc&Zuc page where she uses this method.)



Barbara said...

I did this on my site. You sign into Typepad then go to weblog - edit configuration - catergories. It should be self explanatory from there.
Good luck.

kitchenmage said...

hey lisa, talk to me about what you get in terms of added template mgmt tools with Pro... i know it lets you pretty much control everything, and i am really dying to do it because i want a column layout with space between the columns (gee, i'll pay extra for that?!) but i am not sure how much hassle i am willing to take on at the moment... do you have to edit raw CSS/HTML templates? are there tools like for the other template design stuff?

Lisa the Waitress said...

The main reasons I chose to upgrade to Pro was to invite another author to my site to do travelling restaurant reviews, and to try to organize my archives as I tried to explain in the original post (but didn't). What I wanted was if you clicked on March archive, you would get a list of all of the titles (only) of the posts at the top, and then the full body. Typepad help to me I could do this if I upgraded.

Anyway, it is not threatening to upgrade; I was a little afraid that suddenly everything would be in html format only, but it looks identical to advanced. To be honest, I have not found the way to have "complete control" over all of my html functions; I have to wait for my web-developing friend to come over and assist me.

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