Friday, May 27, 2005

[Technorati] where do you rank in 10 million + ?

Eleven days ago, Technorati announced they'd just tracked their Ten Millionth Blog. Want to find out your ranking? I am not sure how accurate this is, but if you sign up to Technorati and then select Member Tools and then 'claim' your blog under the 'Claimed Weblogs' section you should get a ranking (which I assume is a number out of the 10 million + total)

At the time of writing, our Food Blog S'cool is ranked at 93,518. My own blog is higher, I imagine the ranking is based on links coming in and number of sources. Thought some of you might be interested in checking youselves out.

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Jennifer Maiser said...

yah - ok - I am depressed now. :-)

my rank is: 1,146,346

Anonymous said...

I "claimed" my weblog a while back, but I've not put much thought into their numbers.

I wonder if the rank is strictly 1 to however many blogs they know about? Like Sam, I assume they base it on incoming links and all that. But various blogs must have the same number of links and out, so are three hundred blogs that have the same rank as Food Blog S'cool?

Incidentally, there's a whole thing in blogger chatter about power law distribution (see here: for the full description). Basically, the idea is that there's an "A-list" of the people whom everyone links to. Instapundit, Boing Boing, etc. Then the curve drops off sharply to a line that stays more or less flat for the whole rest of the blogosphere. In other words, you're either in that big spike or you're down with all the rest of the masses.

So, Jen, I'd argue that your 1,146,346 is actually more or less equivalent to FBS'c's rank. None of us are Dave Winer, so all our Technorati ranks probably all mean the same thing.

Lady Amalthea said...

I'm in the same place you are--1,146,345.

Anonymous said...

(Trying not to show off)


It's not just the number of links in and out, but the rank of those inbound links that is considered. Considering I link to everyone, I'm bound to have plenty of inbounds.

Can we brag about Blogshares valuations next? : )

Anonymous said...

Paul, that's curious, because I'm at 6,582. I can't imagine we have similar numbers of inbound links (I'd expect yours are much higher than mine).

I wonder if it makes a difference that I post (though not all _that_ often) on eGullet? My signature has a link to my site. That counts as a link, I imagine.

Interesting. Ack, this is why I didn't want to think about their numbers too much. I'll just get obsessed with figuring out their system.

Sam said...

i have to confess mine is even higher - just over 5443. Maybe you get more 'points' for using other features of their software like tagging? I dunno.
2 weeks ago when i first looked i was 7+k but then I got linked a lot for WBW and the number rose.

Jen - i think some people link to you as plain fog city blogs and some with the /jen at the end which might half the number of links it looks like you have? Just a thought.

my links figures are as follows:
313 links from 173 sources : 85 links from 21 sources in the past 7 days

sorry to set you down this path Derrick. You can give me huge grief about it next time we meet. I know how you try not to think about these things. But anyway, please let us know what your enquiring mind concludes.

Anonymous said...

Derrick, I really don't have as many inbound links as you might think, (according to Google, you have a couple hundred more) but it's a popularity contest - if one of the really popular kids links to you, you skyrocket. My much neglected regular blog is even higher, but only because a couple of A-listers have linked to me. Age has something to do with it, since you obvioulsy build up more links over time.

There's lots of other popularity indexes out there for those of you who are curious, popdex, blogstreet,, blogshares (currently down) or just put
link:andyourURL into google to see how many people link to you, then try someone else and compare.

kitchenmage said...

uh huh... i've had my new blog up less than two months and it says my rank is 687,655... which seems unlikely if this is supposed to be a logical ranking process... i find it hard to believe my ranking is higher than Jen's...

eat stuff said...

mine has been up less than 2 months as well and I am at 287,428

I dont use technorati for anything else either.

Guy said...

I'm jacked, I took some really nice photographs today. I rank right up there.

OH dear, time for a work week. Seeya.


Rachael Narins said...
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Rachael Narins said...

Ooh, ooh. A little bit of friendly-yet-also-competitive-bragging going on here. Fun! I think I’ll pass on saying my exact number, but think it is as high as it is (well, low, I mean, the number is comparatively low) due to the fact I am featured on an extremely popular non-food blog occasionally. I mean, I only have 20 links from 17 sources (one of which I just looked at and is just about funerals the writer has attended. So sad!) in the last 41 days, and get very few daily hits compared to the rest of you.

Overall I would say the technorati ranking doesn’t mean much to me. Is there a practical use for those numbers? (Aside from marketing?)

Do we have a way of seeing their top 100 or anything? That might be interesting...

Anonymous said...

So, given that the incoming links are ranked by weight of the blog pointing to you, it would seem this is a pretty exclusionary, self-fulfilling system. The people at Boing Boing are going to read Kottke because he's another A-list blogger, and that means they're more likely to link to him. That adds to Kottke's rank. Boing Boing isn't likely to read me, because I'm not an A-List blogger, ergo they'll never link to me.

This is, actually, one of the issues with the whole power-law thing; moving into that initial spike is extremely hard unless you happen to be one of the first people in the system.

Unless you're in the top spike, I can't imagine Technorati tags have any more value than ranks. Do I care what the 8,456th blog is? Or the 5,983 book is? No.

I'll stick to just making my readers happy instead of jumping up and down trying to get A-listers to notice me.

Anonymous said...

gee Derrick, if the 5983rd book at Amazon was yours it'd not be such a bad number. :-)

that said, technorati ratings seem like YASDPS (Yet Another SlashDot-esque Popularity Score), which is ultimately pretty darned self-referential and meaningless...

i am more amused by the google searches by which people find my blog--now there's an odd group of stuff...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, thankfully my books were well into their remaindered life before's ranking system came out; otherwise I would have done the Anne Lamott thing and just spent all day hitting Refresh.

I agree about the google searches, though I think most people typing "food obsession" into their search engines aren't looking for _my_ kind of food obsession :) What I do find amusing is that I'm the number two result (at the moment) for "obsession." That just boggles my mind.

Jocelyn:McAuliflower said...

"i am more amused by the google searches by which people find my blog--now there's an odd group of stuff..."

I totally agree! I've almost directed my blog a couple of times just to cater to the absolutely bizarre search phrases.

Some of my current favorites:

ok ok, enough!
off to make american flag spirulina naughty cupcakes :)

Cate said...

Finally got a chance to check out where I stand > 105,092.

Jennifer Maiser said...

Sam - that was the trick. I claimed and I am now 94,517.

Just a tip to all Typepad users out there -- use your full url.

Sam said...

Although I know you are one in a million, under a hundred thousand is a better place for your blog.

I wonder how/if technorati is related to google page ranking. that's another thread.

Brenda said...

I've been trying to decide whether to comment on this or not because what I'm going to tell you is so very silly. But I have finally decided to do so.

No one should feel especially good or bad about the numbers - they are highly suspect and not even because of the notes people have made to date. Those are some of the reasons but there are other factors.

Here's the deal. I'm at 1339. Now isn't that a joke? I believe the main reason is because my blog is still on MSN's Spaces (some of you may not see this because I also redirect from and they have this little default feature, which makes me (or any spaces blogger) look amazingly popular!

When you create a "space" there are default modules on your page. Two of these are "New Spaces" and "Updated Spaces". These foster a sort of forced community. I have removed them from my page but most people leave them. That means every time I update (and I mean every time, even for a spelling change in a post) I get listed on some number of sites in the updated box. Even if I'm replaced in a few seconds(which you always are - in fact it's probably in a split second) some of those register in the "counting" process.

Guess what this means? My number of incoming links is astronomical! Now obviously these are not "quality" links, although I do get a certain number of hits from them and some of those people come back or end up linking to me. But the reality is all they do is skew the numbers - not just for me but for everyone.

So have fun with your ranking but that's about all you can do with it. Sorry :-( I don't know why but because I'm on Spaces I feel personally responsible for some reason! :-)

eat stuff said...

Technorati does not appear to be very good at finding links either. And weirdly enough my ranking just rose by 100 000 ???

Elizabeth said...

I was thinking about "claiming" my blog on Technorati and am a little nervous about the following:

Technorati Terms of Service

The Web pages available at, and all linked pages ("Site"), are owned and operated by Technorati, Inc. ("Technorati"), a Delaware corporation, and is accessed by you ("User") under the following terms and conditions

Ummm, I'm not very good at reading legalese but doesn't this mean that I would be releasing ownership of my blog to Technorati? If so, I don't think so....

(I first became aware of the technorati link on the Weekend Cookbook Challenge)