Sunday, January 28, 2007

[new blogger] Photo Linking Problem

Ok, this is where I have to admit I am sneaky. I wanted pictures larger than large in my posts. Blogger allows for a maximum width of 400 pixels when loading up a photo. But, as we all know, if you click on the photo it takes you to a larger version of the loaded photo.

So what I used to do was resize my photo to 550 pixels (width) which is the size of the photo I wanted in my post, loaded it as large and then edited my html to link to the larger version of the photo rather than the 400x one blogger provides. I have been doing this for yonks.

Suddenly, with the advent of new blogger, I am no longer able to hot link to the large version of my own loaded picture. At least the old ones pre-new-blogger work, but not with the photos loaded since I made the switch. The photo is there, it exists, it has an url, but when I paste into my code and publish, the photo does not show in the post.

As you may imagine, this really narks me, since I am no longer able to get large pictures in my post which went a long way to defining the look of my blog. I don't understand why blogger would stop me from soing this - it is clearly not a disk space issue since the photo is physically situated on the server and there is nothing to stop anyone from looking at it via the link.

This Post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Sam said...

Ok - I found the answer on the blogger help forum - I know how to get around it now:

you just have to remove the -h in the url and it will work.

yippee, strop over

Trig said...

I've been posting photos of 500-600 pixels for a while. As you discovered, when you upload a photo and choose small, medium or large you get 200px, 320px or 400px as chosen. You also get a 1600px upload as well, but as with the smaller options it doesn't upload wider than the original photo, i.e. if you start with 390 px your 320 px (if you select medium) will be 320, your 400 px (if you select large) will be 390 and in all cases your 1600 px will be 390.

In the original blogger, the name of the different sized photos was the same, except for the 200, 320 or 400 size indicator. You could just change this to 1600 and get the full size photo. Now, as you have discovered, you need to remove the -h characters and it works.

cookiecrumb said...

What fun! I think I understand. I think I speak English.
(No, really. I think I understand.)

What I don't understand: What's "the -h in the url"?

Sam said...

i am glad you understand me cookiecrumb!

now when you load a picture into new blogger the url of the big version of the picture, ie the one that you get when you click on the smaller image in a post might look something like this:

you will see there is a part of that string that says this:


now if you try and link to that string in your post i will not work unless you move the -h

so you would have to change it to:

for it to show up in the main body of your post.

Most people probably don't need to worry about this, only the people who are dicking around with their pictures sizes.

hope that wasnt double dutch


Sam said...

ok - that made no sense because the blogger comment cut off me string, didn't it.

cookiecrumb said...

Double dutch! Oh, I totally got that.
Actually, to be even more of a (dick), I looked at one of my photos on Blogger, and I spotted (dick) the "-h."
Har har! Oh, am I a Cockney wench yet?
Darn. No.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Well blimey this was a good Sam! ever since I widened my template I decided to use this genius trick.

There is just one thing that I would like to add to it. When you upload the photos there are two places where the link is displayed.
One is located on top with the s1600-h and one is below this, that has another alphanumeric code.
For example: It is the second link (s400) that you need to change to s1600.

So it looks like this:

I was changing the code in the first one all the time and when I published it, I found that after you click on the photos, these got automatically downloaded onto my hard drive. This is something I do NOT want people to do. So I played around with the code a bit more until I came about this piece of optimization.

I am not sure if this is the case with everyone else. It was just something I discovered to my posts.

Farmgirl Susan said...

Sam and Meeta,

I did it! Took out the -h in the top code and also changed the s400 to s1600 in the second code as per Meeta's advice. Food Blog Scool and google search boxes rock!

*happy dance!* : )