Monday, January 14, 2008

(Feeds) Bloglines Feeds Question

I have a question for all you web pros.

When I click on the Bloglines 'subscribe' link, 5 different feeds come up as options to add to my bloglines. There is also a random feed for an old post from August. What is up with that?? (see picture)

I'd like to narrow this down to just one feed (

Does anyone know how to do this?? I'm totally confused. :S

This Post was written by Ali from Divine Domesticity


Annie said...

Feedburner should be tracking all your feeds, but if you want to consolidate, you can. Within Bloglines, click "Account" at the top right, then "Publisher tools." Here you "claim" your feeds as your own. This requires that your next post and your template has their code in it. Personally I've been unsuccessful in claiming all my feeds, just half, but Bloglines will consolidate them for you if you ask, I believe (I haven't gotten around to it).

Once a feed is verified and claimed, you can click "edit" and mark the duplicates as duplicates.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

There seems to be a long standing problem with claiming blogs with the beta version of blogger. Didn't work for me, and from the forums I gather it hasn't been working for a large number of people for over a year. Darn! Oh well...guess I will go find a different reader to use and have to give up on bloglines.

Deborah said...

Switch to Google Reader Ali! Can't recommend it enough. Added bonus is you can use it on your cell phone!

Anonymous said...

I switched to Google Reader last night. :) Thanks for the advice annie and debz!

cybele said...

The good news is that most of this issue is only with feed readers that have an "auto discovery" like bloglines. Most folks who subscribe are probably going through the icon right on your blog and getting the main feedburner one.

Personally when I use the bloglines autodiscovery I do preview the differences between the feeds. I prefer the ones that maintain as much of the original formatting as possible and of course include the full text, not the summary version.