Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Since we just discussed all that is Food Blog Ads, I thought I would ask a similar question...do you have a paypal (or other) donation link, and how's that workin' for ya?

(And for the record, I have an ad and wish I didn't. And I don't have a donation link and can't foresee doing so, since I can't imagine who would give me money for my babbling.)

This query brought to you with love, by Rachael from Fresh Approach Cooking


cybele said...

I read a lot of blogs (about 150 regularly - 30 or so food-related).

I've donated three times to other bloggers via their tip jars. All three were non-ad blogs.

Two were ocassions where the bloggers were working on a project I was interested in supporting and the third is for a blogger who has given me great advice over the past 18 months.

As someone who has worked with a web community supported entirely by donation (nanowrimo.org), it's very hard to get people to donate money when it doesn't change what they're getting for free. There's a nice percentage that will simply do it without asking (I'd estimate 2% of actual regular readers), but the rest think the internet is free. (And a very small percentage of those will think it's so free that they'll hotlink and swipe your content.)

But I don't think it will ever equal the money made via ads or other revenue streams. (Not that it needs to.)

Now I'm feeling guilty ... maybe I need to go spread some paypal love.

Kalyn said...

I (try to) read over 400 blogs a week, and I've never donated to a "tip jar" or paypal link. Maybe for that reason I never thought about having one on my own site, but I certainly have nothing against it if other people want to. (Freedom of choice, that's my motto.)

I do personally prefer ads which don't cost my readers anything, and which they are free to ignore.

Sam said...

I have actually given money to people who asked for it too. One was actually for an American having trouble with her UK visa. Because I have the opposite problem I guess I could really feel for her and I wanted to help because i know how harrowing, expensive and time consuming the process is. She sounded desperate. I wouldn't ever give to a tip jar probably, mainly because I am not comfortable with them, personally. But if someone put out a desperate plea, I might help. I tried once to give to the ideas in food chefs when they asked for help but unfortunately I just could not get my paypal account to work at that time and after dozens of tries eventually gave up.
Although I think I would have reservations about asking for money for myself, I have no qualms however asking for helping other peoples' good causes and have helped raise thousands of dollars for charities this way. And that makes me proud I did something good with my blog.

Rev. Biggles said...

I have a donate/paypal button on Meathenge, got me 20 bux last month! First time in ... 4.5 years. She donated the money due to a post I did a few years ago on adjusting the flame height on old gas ranges. Hi Kalyn! This post has gained about 400 comments since then.


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