Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Technorati isn't working at the moment ... can anyone recommend any other blog ranking service?


This Post was written by Joanna from Joanna's Food



Ann said...

Tell me about it. My updates are all out of order with posts missing... authority is way behind... and I've also been looking for another ranking service. I haven't found anything quite like technorati, though. I looked at Icerocket (http://www.icerocket.com/), but it really doesn't present the information in the way I want it and also seems to be missing data.

Sam said...

Just curious - what do you need/use a blog ranking service for? I do use technorati regularly to check links to me - but that's about it. And it is kind of weird - I have always wondered - because some links never seem to show up. Maybe they only cover links from "blogs" as oposed to other types of websites?

Ann said...

For me it's mainly the ability to see who has linked to my blog. And that hasn't been working properly in weeks.

Joanna said...

Thanks Ann ... I think I agree with you about icerocket. Site Meter?

Sam, like you, I really only use it to check links to my blog, and it certainly used to appear to be the most reliable ... but no more (in fact, it doesn't seem to be working at all)

If anyone has any other ideas, they'd be welcomed


Ann said...

Sitemeter doesn't display links in the way that technorati does. Just referers-- so you can't sort out a new link from an old one. :-(

cybele said...

I have an RSS feed of both Technorati links (so I can see what folks are talking about when they link to me - so I can comment with thanks) and through BlogPulse.com.

Neither is foolproof, but I think between the two of them I get about 75% of it.

Technorati's ranking is all kerflooie lately. I lost about 5,000 slots in a matter of days last fall. Now I don't know how they calculate it exactly, but that's just crazy that suddenly I'd fall so far.

SusanV said...

You can set up Google Alerts to let you know whenever someone mentions your blog or your name or whatever. It has the helpful ability to notify you of postings that aren't links--just mentions of your blog's name or URL--and I don't think that Technorati can do that. It doesn't catch everything, but it does a fairly good job.

Joanna said...

Thanks Susan ... brilliant idea - I've already got Google alert set up for a couple of news stories, so I should have thought of it myself.

Let's hope Technorati gets back into the groove soon - good to know it's not just me having problems with it ;)

Mimi said...

I have found that Google Alerts are about six months behind, at least when it comes to my particular blog. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

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