Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hosting Fees

Just to give him the headache of a few extra visitors, she says, with tongue in cheek, Here is a warning about increasing your popularity, from

Because blogger is thankfully free I have luckily never had to even consider this as an issue but gave me a greater understanding of why advertising is used to offset server fees by people who have to pay for the service.

This Post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh

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Dr. Biggles said...

Hey Sam!

I have 2 of my own domains hosted, so got fees there. Plus fees to own those two domains. Plus I pay to have my blog software updated and worked on from time to time. None of it every amounts to more than 15 bux or less a month. I think. I would gladly pay twice all that and still never have an ad on my beautiful work of art, Meathenge.