Saturday, March 04, 2006

[Events] How to Host a Food Blogging Event

Promoting Guidelines for your Food Blogging Event
There are four main places you can promote any food event that you hope will attract entries from Food Bloggers. Please do not promote your event by putting up a blog post about it on Food Blog Scool. This option has been replaced with the calendar. Thank you.

1) Your own Blog.
This is the most important post.
Make your post attractive.
Make sure it is something you really want to do.
(Events are better not looked upon as merely a promotional exercise for your blog)
Make sure you have time in your schedule to follow it through.
(Hosting a Food Blog Event requires commitment, hard work and dedication).
Make sure the theme will appeal to your audience and that it sits well with what your blog is about).

2) Request a listing at the IMBB site.
You can fill in the contact form on the IMBB site
or/and you can email the very on-the-ball and accommodating Andrew at Spittoon using the following address:
spittoon AT andys-scribblings DOT co DOT uk
Andrew has administrative powers at the site in addition to the IMBB site host Ronald.

3) Request a listing at Sticky Dates too. This is another place that Food Bloggers scout for food blogging events.
Email Sweetnicks here: Sweetnicksplace AT aol DOT com to get your event listed.

4) The Food Blog S'cool Calendar.
Guidelines to using the Calendar will come at a later date.
Briefly, please make sure the event is food-related.
Where possible, include a link to the announcement post on your own blog.

This Post was written by sam from Becks & Posh


Owen said...

The point about work requires reiterating - it is a LOT of work to do it right and very hard to stay on top of it - it can be very worthwhile, too, but don't underestimate the work...

Kalyn Denny said...

Owen is right that it's quite a bit of work to have a regular event. I spend 2-4 hours a week on Weekend Herb Blogging. Luckily I love doing it, mainly because it's so fun to see all the interesting things that people write about. I'm not sure what I'll do when the weekend comes when I want to be out of town or whatever and just don't want to do it. Anyone want to guest host for me when/if that happens?

Cate said...

Kalyn, happy to guest host when you need it - no worries.

And you both are right, the events definitely a lot of time, but luckily they're fun. ;)

Anonymous said...

For regularly occuring blog events, it may also be helpful to add them to the blog carnival list at

(Is there a reason that so few food carnivals use the blog carnival site?)

Sangeeth said...

Thanks. This was very helpful for launching my event Eat Healthy

Anonymous said...

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