Saturday, February 18, 2006

[Content] Blogger photo trick

I recently decided to put a photo on my blogger profile, and was initially stymied by Blogger's requirement that the picture be hosted somewhere. Not wanting to set up yet another on-line account (e.g., at Flickr), I first tried linking to my already existing Yahoo photo albums, but Blogger said that the filename was too long. Then I tried tinyurl to shrink the name, but Blogger wanted a graphical file extension. Eventually I found a somewhat non-intuitive solution that I thought I'd share with the S'cool.

Here it is:
  1. On your PC, find the photo that you want to post.
  2. Using Picassa or your favorite photo conversion tool, convert the file to a 60 kB or smaller jpg. Use a short name, because of the Blogger's filename length limit.
  3. Create a new post in Blogger, and upload the photo to it.
  4. Switch to the "View HTML" mode, and copy the URL of the photo. Paste the URL in Notepad or another scratch space just in case.
  5. Save the post as a draft.
  6. Return to Dashboard.
  7. Edit your profile, pasting the URL from step 4 into the photo section.
  8. When you save your profile, the photo should appear.
A few other profile-related photo tips can be found in the comments of [Content] First Impressions/Personality.

Marc from Mental Masala

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kiplog said...

I'm just commenting here to check my profile picture, which I finally added.