Thursday, February 16, 2006

header issues

HELP!! How do I link my header back to my mainpage? I've been tinkling with adding a new image. But all I could do is replace the image file in the CSS part under header.

Another problem I have is that since I've incorporated my blog title in the header image, I do not need the automatically generated text by Blogger. However, Blogger would not allow me to not have it there. Hence I changed my title to a * sign as a temporary solution.

Can someone help me??

posted by kel @ Green Olive Tree


FJK said...

I'm no expert, but I use a similar template on blogger and this worked on my practice blog. Under the content heading, I took out all the following
(a href="($BlogURL$)")
(p id="description")($BlogDescription$)(p)
It left me with a thin blank graphic at top. I imagine that your size and graphics are determined elsewhere in your template, but I definitely had no type showing. I'm sure it is not that simple, but it would be one avenue to try.

(I assume you are putting your graphics for your new header in early under blog header category)

I'll go try it out and let you know how it works.

FJK said...

I'm back, it worked okay, but needs tinkering in terms of upper margins, however I didn't replace the header with one of my own, so I don't know how that affects things. Good luck.

I'm curious, you tried to replace the type through the template not the settings, right? That could be part of the issue if not.

*kel said...

hi fjk, thanks for your time and kindness to respond to my post! I'll try it out...

The type on the header is part of the image. My problem was that I couldn't eliminate Blogger to display my blog name. You see a * sign... that's my current blog name to solve the prob.

FJK said...

As to how to link your header back to home page, see paul's comments on this post -- they work like a charm

paul said...

Thanks FJK, I couldn't find that post.

Kel, you've changed your template since you asked the question and on this one you'd need to do a few tricky things to get a header with both a background image and a link, but with the title hidden.

There's all kinds of image replacement tricks you could pull, but you'd have to do even more complicated tricks to get the header to be a link.

You could create a transparent gif of your title text and put it in the div, so it lays over the background and that could be linked. That would be the easiest solution. Otherwise you'd have to dissect the code from this page:

paul said...

Now that I've had my coffee, the easier solution came to me. First add your background image (with your graphical text) to the #blog-title style, and remove the background (the rounded corner) from the #header style. Then hide the #blog title with visibility: hidden like this:

#blog-title a {
visibility: hidden;

Then, change the header HTML with this onclick code:

<div id="header" onclick="location.href='';" title="Green Olive" style="cursor: pointer;" >
<h1 id="blog-title">
<a href="">
Green Olive Tree

*kel said...

OMG paul, thank you so much for all the prized suggestions and solutions you posted! Merci mille fois!


FJK said...

Paul to the resuce again.
Thanks Paul for being our CSS Super Hero

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