Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Food Blogger Face Off

Went to the Commonwealth Club's forum on Food Blogging last night. Nice presentations by Chez Pim; Vinography; 101 Cookbooks, and Saute Wednesday

Great turnout, about 130, mostly already blog readers, many bloggers themselves. The participants shared how their blogs got started; what, if any, their commerical revenue streams are; a few pet peeves; a bit about their creative process; what blogs they read (usually through RSS) and more.

You can check Blog Appetit for my write up. But to be honest, my post is really more of my own speculation on blogging's past, present and future as a reaction to the forum than it is a write up of the proceedings. If you do click on by and read it all (I apologize in advance for the length, but when one rants one losses track of time), I would love for you to leave your comments about your take on blogging.

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