Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tonight I noticed that on both of my blogs, the banner graphics have disappeared. I use blogger's Sable templates, that have some nice graphics in the banner. Up until tonight, they were there. I'm having a few problems with this computer, and I'm wondering if it's just what I"M seeing or if EVERYONE sees it, too.

Could you please go to my blog and tell me if you see just a gray rectangle or if you see the banner with graphics that's supposed to be there.

(If you go to your template in blogger and pick "new", you can see what the Sable templates are supposed to look like)

If you see the correct banner, then I'll know it's just my computer. Please let me know. Thanks.


Jennifer said...


Your images are missing for me too.

Blogger has been having problems all day long. Some sites are back up and some are still down. Luck of the draw I suppose. Seems like they are synching things back up now.

I bet by the morning your images will be back. Just might take a little time.

Shauna said...

Thanks for this answer, Jennifer. My blog has been down since about 4 pm, for me, and I was starting to panic! If everyone is having issues, I can breathe again.


Silly Blogger.

lucette said...

I lost my latest post yesterday--it was up in the morning and gone sometime after noon.

Kalyn said...

Cyndi, you have survived your first "what the heck is Blogger doing" day. I was looking at the computer and my entire sidebar disappeared. Plus, no comments were showing up. Now I think all is well.

Cyndi said...

I'm SOOO glad it wasn't me! It's all better today. Thanks everyone.

Ruth said...

Cyndi, it's now Monday morning and I still can't scroll all the way down to the bottom of your post to leave you any comments.