Tuesday, February 14, 2006

IMBB announcement

IMBB23 was announced over at Cucina Test Rossa a week or two ago.
It's a great theme this month - head over to Laura to find out what it is.

Tips for getting you events publicized:

1) Make sure you are a already signed up member of this S'cool, so you can post a notice here. I only join people up every 2 weeks at the most, so you will have to plan being a member well in advance. Please don't leave it to the last minute. I can post up on your behalf like this, but really, I prefer not to have to do that as it takes me away from the things I am meant to be doing with my time.

2) Write to Ronald at IMBB. Invariably he won't reply, so instead write to Andrew who is more on the ball. (Right now he is moving and has no internet access, but usually he is on the case fast).

3)Let sweetnicks know at Sticky date.

Ooh la-la!


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