Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Losing track of comments?

Then try coComment at

It's still in the beta stage but I gave them my email and they invited me to try it. seems like its oing to make life a lot easier although it doesn't support Movable Type.

It lets you also track the sites other people are commenting on and seems pretty cool.


Alanna said...

I've been using it the past couple of days and while 'beta' is a good description, it is useful, in my view primarily for being able to remember/get back to comments (or most especially questions) left on other blogs. A couple of notes: CoComment doesn't work when comments are forced to a separate window (I've changed the templates on my blogs so that no longer happens but it's not uncommon)and it doesn't recognize "anonymous" comments so might get someone in trouble, unintentionally, that way. I've identified this as a "bug" on their beta forum so who knows, they may fix this.

Alysha said...

A neat idea - especially for those of us who lose track easily, like me. I make comments on blogs and then completely forget where I made them and never get back to them to see if the blogger responded.

Ed Charles said...

AK is right, it is annoying when you can't use it when blogger opens a window for comments as so many blogs do this.