Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not Really an Event, More of a Sharing

I posted an opus on blog appetit about pomegranates then promised recipes for "part two."

Despite my best intentions, life intervened and I don't have time right now to test and write up my ideas, so I thought I would ask food blg sc'ool participants if they have any posts with info, user tips or recipes about pomegranates. Photos would be cool, too. It's a nice way to reuse some of the material in your archives.

No pressure, no deadline. Just email me your Pomegranate Permalinks and I'll create a round up. As I get more I'll add them. I started out with a treasure trove of recipes and info from Elise of Simply Recipes.

Email me through my profile at Blog Appetit. My original post about pomegranates is at Seeds of My Heart -- Pomegranates Part One. The link back to Elise is at Simply Pomegranate. You can also leave a comment at the Simply Pomegranate post with the link and I'll pick it up there.

Posted by Faith of Blog Appetit

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