Saturday, April 22, 2006

[Blogger] Archiving by Category

Hi Everyone,

One more question: Can someone break down for me the process of creating categories for my Blogger blog? Right now, everything is archived only by date. I'd like to group my previous posts into several categories that are easy to search by readers.

Thanks again.

This Post was written by Emily Stone from Chocolate in Context


Sam said...

On my blog I do it all by hand.
I set up new blogs just for the purpose of an archiving category.
Blogger lets you have as many blogs as you like (I have a gazillion)
I am hoping to rehaul my archives this summer because currently they aren't really up to date or attractively presented.

you can also do it with the drop down menus - like how I do my blog roll links. Cooking with Amy has examples of archiving that way on her site too.

If you want to go that route you will need to email me for the code.
Email me becks dot posh dot gmail dot come

Hope that helps


Sam said...

com not come duh

Carolyn said... shows another way of category on blogger

Sam said...

yes, that is another way - instead of putting the links in a new separate blog, house them in an archive post.

Kalyn said...

I have two other blogs that I use just for archives, one called Kalyn's Kitchen Recipes and the other called Kalyn's Kitchen Links. One is just for recipes, and each "post" is a list of recipe links for a certain category. The other one is general links, set up pretty much the same way. I do it by hand as Sam does, and she is right, it's hard to keep it up to date. I try to set aside some time each week to add things to the archives.

There are pros and cons to blogger, but in my opinion this is one of the biggest cons. However, I do like it that all my blogs are connected as kind of a "family" in my blogger profile. I also have some info about my main blog at the top of each archive page in case people stumble on it.

HKMacs said...

Try Best to email him.

Emily Stone said...

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback. I'll get on this asap.

cookiecrumb said...

*snerk* "dot come" -- you really are a sixy beast.

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