Thursday, April 06, 2006

IE/Blogger conflict

Is anyone else experiencing problems with their blog when viewing in Internet Explorer? Suddenly my page isn't displaying properly - the righthand sidebar has vanished completely (it hasn't even been bumped to the bottom of the page) and you can only see one entry!


It doesn't happen in Mozilla Firefox and I haven't changed ANYTHING in the template in the last few weeks, and when I last changed it it displayed in both Mozilla and IE perfectly!

This Post was written by Fahara from Souperior


J.Ho said...

I was about to give you a few tipes, but before I did, I wanted to test your site out for myself. firefox displays your site fine, Internet Exploder doesn't.

Before I tested it, I though you might want to clear your cache, but since I didn't work for me, why bother.

So, in essence, I have no advise, but your site is cool and I'm booking marking and linking to it with FireFox. Good luck. I'll keep tabs here on your solutions.

William I. Lengeman III said...

I didn't see your sidebar in IE or Opera. Try taking the italics out of your post. I know that sounds flaky, but I had the same problem recently when I switched templates. If that's not it there's a change that it has something to do with images in your sidebar.

FJK said...

I checked out your very nice looking site Ms. I'm Not a Web Designer. It looks great. Except for that lack of sidebar thing you have going on.

My only thought is that your posts look wider than the usual blogger template. Did you alter the original blogger template to make the area your posts show up in wider? IF so you might try restoring the original widths, or trying a narrower width, and see if that makes a difference.

Please be sure to save a text version of your template before you make any changes so you can restore everything if need be.

Good luck

maki said...

Fahara, the short answer: make the image you used in your most recent entry a bit narrower in width, and make all future images no wider than say, 450 pixels.

The long answer: this has to do with something that is the bane of web designers called the CSS Box Model. IE 6 gets this wrong...Firefox, Opera, Safari etc get it right. Unless you want to really delve into this and fiddle with your stylesheet though... try the short answer solution first.

kishko said...
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kishko said...

i didn't know i had a problem until i read your post and checked out my blog in explorer. what a mess! the image in my header has disappeared, sidebar gone, all the formatting is completely jumbled. i have no problems when viewing with safari or firefox. and i use blogger. S.O.S.!!!

Cindy said...

Everything's ok with Firefox but the sidebar's gone in IE. I don't think it's something to do with the width nor with the images on your sidebar (they're not very large). The posts don't look too large. That must be something to do with the CSS & HTML codes, perhaps a tag missing somewhere or not properly closed (For exemple firefox accepts [/ul] and [ul/], whereas IE only accept [/ul] which is a right way to close a tab). I don't know is that makes sense.
If you need help, you can email me if you wish.