Thursday, April 06, 2006

[Technical] How Does Technorati Work?

Hi Everyone,

First, I'd like to thank you all for letting me join your class and for being so welcoming. Second, I'll tell you about a problem I'm having and hopefully you can help!

Technorati seems like a pretty useful tool, so I've registered and linked to it from my site. But, at the same time, I don't really get Technorati and their help section is almost nonexistent.

I'll start with the most basic question. Could someone please give me a general overview of the tags? What exactly are they used for and how you can get the most benefit out of them? And how do you attach (right word?) tags to individual posts, as opposed to your whole blog?

Now for the more complex stuff: Technorati does not seem to be working for my site in its advertised capacity at all. That is, it's just not tracking blogs that link to mine. I know of several sites that have links to mine, but the only things that ever come up on a Technorati search are two links that are six months old (one from a friend's site, one that is utterly unrecognizable).

My guess is that some piece of code (either in my own template or on something that I filled out on Technorati) is incorrect. But I'm not a coder--I'm a writer and a sometime cook. I do fairly well with code as long as the stuff is translated and the rules are explained to me like those of any other language.

Any ideas? Could someone help?

Many thanks!

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Andrew said...

tags - different methods seem to work for different people. for me I add the following code to the bottom of each post

change { and } for < >

{a href="" rel="tag"}food & drink{/a}

this works fine for me and generally my posts get picked up quickly. add as many as you like. blog categories are also supposed to be picked up as tags but this doesnt seem to work for my two blogs.

There can be a delay in technorati scanning each entry. if yuor blog is not showing up at all - and you have claimed it - drop them an email. they propably wont reply but when i did this my blog was soon added.

One way to see what techorati is picking up is a setting an ego search. if you set up a watch list for your site you can either view it in a mini display on your desk top or set your RSS reader to scan any changes from the feed they supply.

in my reader.

Kalyn said...

You may need to ping technorati a few times to get them to start indexing you. I had problems with this when I started.

Try this site: Pingomatic

I ended up puting the technorati tags I use most on a post template so they automatically show up on every post. Then if there is one that isn't applicapable to what I'm posting that day I just delete that tag. Much easier than typing them in every time - I was constantly making mistakes.

I do think that technorati is a bit inconsistent, but I am noticing more and more referrers from the tags I have, so I guess they do work sometimes.

Owen said...

Technorati is also well known for being 'flaky' - for example it only has 3 links to my blog right now when in fact it has in the past had over 70 - so just try again every few days.

Raspberry Sour said...

Hi Andrew and Kalyn, I just wanted to thank you both for the Ping-O-Matic link and the tagging code. I'm trying to the new tags out and will see how they go.

I'd also been having trouble with technorati- it was refusing my ping and telling me I hadn't updated my site in several weeks. I emailed them, and about 2 weeks later got a very nice, very apologetic response, and it's since been fixed. It sounds like I just lucked out though.

Kelly K. said...

This post and everyone's comments were immensely helpful to my budding blog, thanks!!

Pamela said...

I have exactly the same problem. I have tagged many of my posts with technorati tags. I know definately that there are sites linking to min and yet technorati still says there are no sites which link to mine.

Emily Stone said...

Thanks everyone! Since I first posted my question, Technorati seems to have caught up a bit (Food Blog S'cool is now listed as a blog linking to mine). Thanks again for all the advice.