Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger Previous Posts - Can more be displayed?

Previous Posts displays 10 posts prior to the most current. Does anybody know of a way to increase the count of post page links that will display on the sidebar? There doesn't seem to be an explicit counter in the sidebar html.

I couldn't find any solution on blogger help.

This Post was written by Peter Cherches from Word of Mouth


William I. Lengeman III said...

I've tried to figure this one out as well, with no luck. Maybe someone more clever can give you the solution.

FJK said...

I haven't looked into it, but is it something that is embedded in the template somewhere? Maybe look around there and see if there is something you can change that would work.

If I have time later I'll play with it, but if you look around and see before then, let us know.
Good luck

Peter Cherches said...

I've ended up with a solution to save favorite posts from oblivion by hard-coding the html with links to selected past entries (which I call "Pete's Picks".