Sunday, April 09, 2006

[Links] How to link Midway through a Post?

Does anyone know how I can do this?

Say I wanted to write three mini-restaurant reviews in one post.

So then I would have

Review one
some words

Review two
some words

Review three
some words

But now in my restaurant review index I want to link to each one separately, from its starting position in the post, wherever it might be.

Can I specify a position or a line number or something in my link?
I am sure I have seen this done, but can't remember when or where.

Thanks for any info.

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paul said...

You'll need to put anchors in just above where you want the browser to jump to on the page - here's how:

<a name="reviewone"></a>
Review one
some words

<a name="reviewtwo"></a>
Review two
some words

<a name="reviewthree"></a>
Review three
some words

Then in the index the links will need to refer to those anchors and would look like this:

<a href="thepostsurl.htm#reviewone">Review one</a>

<a href="thepostsurl.htm#reviewtwo">Review two</a>

<a href="thepostsurl.htm#reviewthree">Review three</a>

Sam said...

ooh - thanks paul!

Tana said...

He beat me to it!

: D

Kalyn said...

I just want to know how Paul learned all this stuff. (And thanks Paul for sharing it with all of us!)

Marc said...

The "name" tag is a good way to make a index in Blogger. You can put a list of subjects at the top of the post that point to the anchors in the post below, much like the reverse of paul's suggestion in first comment. My incarnation of an index is here. (view the page source to see the details of the html). Then, in later posts, you can point to a specific subject area of the index, like India. Not quite as good as the index in Typepad or Wordpress, but it does the job.

paul said...

This stuff was easy to learn. All it took was years of fiddling with code, viewing the source of countless other web sites, several books and constant reading of any site that talks about how to build with css.

Seriously, this stuff is pretty simple when compared to real programming. If my feeble brain can learn it, it can't be that bad.

For all you BBedit users out there- there's in index tool that will index a document, site, or folder full of documents automatically for you. That one tool alone has saved me countless hours of work.

ejm said...

Paul is right; HTML is pretty easy to learn. Here are sites that I found to be useful when I was first starting:

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - comprehensive guide to writing web sites

So you want to make a webpage

And the following site is absolutely invaluable. It will tell you where your mistakes are and make suggestions on how to fix them.

WebDesignGroup - page validator

For CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), take a look at