Sunday, April 02, 2006

World Map of Food Bloggers

Hi food bloggers,
I thought it would be interesting/cool to create a map of all of us food bloggers, since we do seem to hail from all across the globe.

Go here to add yourself/your blog to the map.

Make sure you include your blog name/URL in the "Shout out" part of your profile, so others can visit your blog when they click on your map pin.

This Post was written by Genevieve from bribe me with a muffin.


Linda said...

I believe someone already started a map of food bloggers. Tana, I think???

drbiggles said...

That does sound familiar.

Is there a place to put our URL in this map? I din't see any. But then I just ate a goat and my visition is somewhat blurry.


Tana said...

Food Bloggers Global Map (and I paid the premium for hosting).

To zoom in, click and hold the mouse, and drag. When it's centered where you want, zoom in. Lather, rinse, repeat.

There are currently 363 markers in the map.

Tery Spataro said...

Thanks to Cate I'm now turned on to Food Blog S'cool. This great and I love the frappr map of food bloggers!

deccanheffalump said...

Hi Tana-thought the food bloggers map idea sounded familiar as I was one of the first to post on your comprehensive and fun map!

Genevieve said...

Hi Tana! I didn't realize another map existed already. Someone sent me a link to yours. I like the cute icons. I wish we could combine the two...

PS. On the Frappr map, add your URL to your ShoutOut in your profile.

Cyndi said...

The Frappr map is pretty hinky--in IE I couldn't see the map at all. I can see it in Firefox, but when I click on the place to add my name, it reverts to the list of members. I can't add myself to it.