Sunday, April 09, 2006

Does My Blog Look Good in This?

I'm in the unenviable position of having an ISP that is having server problems. Since last week many people may have had problems viewing my site. Hell, I've only suceeded in posting three times since last Wednesday. I'd just like to reassure everyone that Tomato is still up.
My ISP, Smartyhost, saysthat the problem will be solved in the next week or so which makes me woner whether i should change host now. Anyone got any ideas?
How long will my site be down while I redelegate my domain? is it worth the effort?


Tana said...

They will tell you it takes 24-72 hours for a domain to repropogate, but I have had it happen in as little as 24 and NEVER more than that. (I've been online doing web design for a dozen years, for dozens of clients.)

I have been using for two years with minimal down-time or other problems. I've got a dozen or so clients hosted there, too. It's under $80/year for the first year ($20 sign-up fee), and under $70/year after that. They pay a commission for referrals, too, so if you're happy, and you bring people aboard, you get a cut of the action. That's a nice perk for loyalty, I think.

Anyway, I would not stay with a company who has caused you the grief you have experienced. It's unprofessional, and it makes you look unprofessional. (Especially since they're SO overpriced. You can do better with so many other domain hosts!)

paul said...

The last time I switched a client's ISP (Friday), it was up and running in a few hours. DNS switching is pretty fast these days.

Any hoster that gives you more than a few days worth of problems isn't worth staying with. There's too many competitive ones out there. Tana's right too, you should be getting more for your money.

drbiggles said...

Heh, depends on how lazy you are.

I've been with for about 8 years and my sister a few years more. Not moment of downtime.

Excellent support too. Not sure what the cost is, I don't price shop.

xo xo

Tana said...

The thing with Pair is that your files are not private. At least they weren't a few years ago, when I was hosted with them. You can go up in the directory and poke around in other people's directories. When I brought this to their attention, that it's possible to do so, their response was, "Yes, but that's against the rules."

That wasn't good enough for me, unfortunately, so I moved my hosting elsewhere.