Tuesday, April 04, 2006

True Love: Food Blog Romance

This is my favourite food blog story of the year.
Lot's of you know I am soppy, yes I shed a tear or two of sentimental joy when reading it.
Congratulations to Molly!

This Post was written by sammy from becks & posh


Molly said...

Aww, Sam, you are so sweet! What can I say? I owe it all to Orangette. Ahh, food blogs!

Kung Foodie said...

That's so awesome! I also happened to meet my beloved online via blogging, this was back in 2001. We've been happily sharing meals for the last five years.

Kalyn said...

I agree, it was great to read about this on Orangette. It made smile.

drbiggles said...

Dang, that's something. I knew it was right when he flew out. That right there is a Man.

My wife and I met through BBS systems back in the late 1980s. Dang, that was a long time ago. What's up with that? Time and all.


maki said...

Wow I wonder how many people here have met their significant other online? I did mine...which is how I ended up in Switzerland of all places :o

Congratulations Molly!

Alicat said...

yeah I met my husband online too! :)

Sam said...

I feel so old-fashioned. I met my non-husband at a drunken party.

linda said...

Sam its okay, I met my Significant Other at a bar ;p

Molly, congratulations, what a beautiful story. I remember reading about when you first went out to meet him..