Thursday, October 12, 2006

[advertising] a little bit of info from problogger

not sure how many people have already seen this, but problogger is a blog about blogging, and sometimes posts information about how to make money on your blog.

of course, i realize that most of us are not blogging for fame and fortune, but just in case you are thinking about making a little change (or a lot -- who knows?), there's some info there.

i had a hard time debating with myself about putting ads on my blog, and in the end, i just did it because, well, every little bit helps someone who doesn't have a full-time job. :)

This Post was written by sarah from the delicious life


Rachael said...

Hey peach,
I always make it a point to click on your ads...hopefully it is making a difference.

Can you tell me, does it care how many times the same person clicks on the same ad and for how long I stay there once Ive clicked?

ParisBreakfasts said...

I took one of these one-nighters on making $$$ with yr blog and he suggested that you need 5,000 hits a week for Adsense to make cents. I'm just starting with Amazon Associates, since it's more focused to your specific readers and prettier IMO..
Any thoughts?

McAuliflower said...

::slight hijacking::

uh oh... looks like food blog is
getting comment spam.

I was noticing that my blog's math
captcha has been hacked by mass
spammers... looks like bloggers
word version is on the downfall
as well.

that sucks... :P

paul said...

Because problogger's concept is how to make money with advertising on blogs, you don't mind the fact that his page is dominated by ads (even if it is well-seigned enough not to be ugly). One of his main concepts is that advertising needs to be in the prominent spots, on top, jumping out of the content etc. I think most of us would rather not do that.

As for how many clicks it takes - more than one click on an ad by one person probably negates that click.

Read more about click fraud here: