Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wordpress migration help needed

Finally, after fumbling with Movable Type for over a year I've made the leap to Wordpress and, mostly, it's been painless.

But my permalinks have changed so that in any entry when I have linked to a previous entry the links are broken.

For example the post I'm linking to is now http://tomatom.com/?p=294 but the permalink in a later post is http://www.tomatom.com/2006/05/go_greek_go.html

Somehow the naming concvention has changed and I can't work how to get it back to how it should be.

I must confess I'm feeling lazy and don't want to have to trawl back through 400 odd posts and change the links.

Any help much appreciated.


Ed Charles said...

Bummer. i've just realised I've lost all my external permalinks too!

Matt said...

Mate, what you need is some .htaccess rules to convert your MT permalinks into wordpress permalinks.

I've seen some code to do just that.
Give me a buzz and let me know if you want me to take a look.


Matt said...

Also, the two links you've got in this post will go to the same thing. The first one is not a permalink, but rather the link to the post using the unique post id (294 in this case), the second one is the permalink based on the convention


Leave it like that and it will be easy to convert the MT links across.

Anita said...

Ooo! I know this one :)

You can change the format of your permalinks to match your old format. Go into the dashboard and click Options (in the light blue nav bar), then Permalinks (in the dark blue nav bar).

You can select one of the common options (which I think covers your case), or craft a structure that fits your needs using a simple scripting sturcture, which you'll find described here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Permalinks

Ed Charles said...

Thanks everybody, especially matt who installed a couple of scripts and pretty much solved the problem.

Thanks again.