Monday, October 02, 2006

[Google] Blog listing looks... weird.

Hey folks,

Having a Google issue- my blog on Google is currently listed thus:

Good Stuff
Notify Blogger about objectionable content. What does this mean? Blogger · Send As SMS · Get your own blog · Flag Blog · Next blog - 43k -
Cached - Similar pages

At one point, the description under the title included a bit from my latest post, but now it is a piece of the (now absent) Blogger toolbar. Did this happen because I have hidden the toolbar? If so, why does our Molly (who is also toolbarless) not have the same problem? Could it also be a result of the low traffic I get on my blog?

I'm grateful for any input/advice/warm fuzzies.


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Kalyn said...

Don't know why it's listing it like that, but the message about objectionalble content is a standard one that is in every Blogger template and nothing to worry about. No idea why it shows on some and not others. Probably something to do with what was on top in the post when google-bot read your site. Maybe if a photo was there that day, since the bots only read text I'm told. If that's what happened, then it might change when Google re-indexes you.

(Anyone else who knows more than I do about this, feel free to chime in if I'm wrong!)

Liz said...

Re-indexing? When do they do that?

Kalyn said...

Anytime the Google-bot reads your site it might be re-indexed (I think, I"m not trying to pretend I know a lot about this!). I don't think anyone but Google knows just how this happens, but I know it happens because I've had posts with errors that I've seen in google results, then later I've seen the newer version after I corrected it.

(Or maybe the version with the error is still out there on someone's search results, I couldn't say for sure about that.)

L Vanel said...

Google sometimes does better than the blogger search!

KT said...

You could put a meta description tag in your blog template, which is what I have done. Google will pick up on this and post it as our blog description, instead of automatically picking up whatever happens to be there.

Here is what mine looks like:

"< META NAME="Description" CONTENT="This is a 'food blog' dedicated to the appreciation of food and learning about food and cooking.
The posts will contain descriptions of recipes, reviews of restaurants, information about types of food and food science, and wine, all with photos wherever possible." >"

I just stuck it in somewhere near the top of my template.

Liz said...

Thanks. I put that in mine- modified a bit of course. I'll let you know if that worked.

Liz said...


Thanks all :)