Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[paid blogging but off topic] and with one-off only semi-permission of headmistress Sam...

First, please do not reply in comments here - I don't want to take up time and space of those not interested.

I have a paid blogging job to offer up. It is very poorly paid but could lead to more and it is bylined etc. We are looking for someone who can write three or four blog posts a day on the subject of VoIP - five days a week - a post being a minimum of 100 words but can just be referential to other sites with links. That's 15-20 posts per week for which we can pay $150 per week. You can be anywhere in the world but you ahve to be prepared to learn about VoIP.

If you are interested (at all) email me on owen at tippit dot com. Fell free to also castigate me or send me tips about good lunch spots south of market in SF.

Full disclosure - This Post was written by Owen from Tomatilla

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