Friday, October 06, 2006

[misc] Blogrolling

One of my great pet peeves is the lack of synchronicity between my blogroll, i.e., the blogs I actually read, and the links I keep in the right column of my site. Currently, I use NetNewsWire as my newsreader, and like it well enough, especially since I can keep it synched between my desktop and laptop machines via .Mac. However, it has no relationship with my site whatsoever.

Managing typelists in TypePad is kind of tedious, although not prohibitively so. I noticed recently on another blog someone using BlogRolling software to mantain their link lists. Has anyone else used that or any similar system? Is there a one-stop shop for maintaining blogrolls and link lists?

This Post was written by Sean from Hedonia


SusanV said...

I use Bloglines as both my feed reader and blogroll. Whenever I add a blog to my reader, I have the option to make it public or private; the public ones are listed in the blogroll on my blog. Any blogs that I read that I don't want listed, I either mark private or keep in separate folders.

To see how this works, take a look at my Blogs page. Those lists contain the blogs from 6 different Bloglines folders. Bloglines provides the code, and I just paste it into the blog page. Any time I add or delete a blog to my feed reader, it is automatically added or deleted from my blogroll. Of course, Bloglines gets a little "Powered by Bloglines" advert at the end of each one, but I figure it's worth it.

Andrew said...

If you use blogbridge as the RSS reader you can publish a group of rss feeds as a 'reading list'. Any changes you make to this group can be synced to blogbridges servers. You can then call the reading list to display in a sidebar with a simple line of code

{script src=""}

works beautifully - except for today when the blogbridge servers are being updated!

Trig said...

I use BlogRolling, which has the advantages of features such as ability to append pictures, flags when blogs have "new" postings, alphabetic or popularity ordering, etc. Unfortunately, BlogRolling seems to be down quite a lot so your blogroll doesn't always show. And it takes longer to download than if the information was on your blog host server.