Thursday, October 26, 2006

black is back...sorta

I finally got rid of the messy background and messed up script and implemented a new skin onto my blog (phew~ I thought I'd never get there!). It's not professionally done and does lack a somethin' somethin' but I took a small step and am working on slowly taking a lots more. I was wondering if anyone can give me some input on how to improve my new blog skin. I'm hoping to keep the minimalistic look but want to bring up the cosy, welcoming factor. Please please help me out!

Thank you in advance!

edit: so apparently the green border at the top of my template shows on the windows version of mozilla firefox but not on my mac version of firefox. Can anyone help me - how can I correct it so it looks the same everywhere?

This Post was written by celine from black.salt


faith said...

Celine - I like it! It's clean and easier to read on the white background.

A couple small ideas: It would be easier for the eye to scan your entries if you left-aligned your blog entry text (currently it's all centered). Also, your description at the very top is large and difficult to read quickly because it is in all caps. Perhaps reduce the size and change the caps? Then people can scan it and move on to your blog entries a little more easily. Just some thoughts... :-)

It looks very nice! I love your pictures.

Liz said...

Love the new look, especially the green fade banner. However my IMMEDIATE first impression is that the text at the top sort of eats up most of your page, imho. I would reduce the text, as faith suggests, and perhaps italicize it. Make it look less like it's the title and more like a description, in other words.

My one real quibble with your blog is that you don't post enough! Your last post was end of August.

Celine said...

Thank you Faith!
Thank you Liz!

Faith: Thank you for your suggestions! I will keep working on that. I realized the description was a bit too long but I was too tired at the end of implementing the new blog skin to change it. I'll get on it soon! I'm veyr happy to hear that you like my pictures. I will try to post more pictures!

Liz: Thank you for your suggestions too! I just told Faith (see above) that I will work on it this weekend and try to get a simpler, less weighty intro. And about my posts - I'm so sorry! I used to be very prompt at posting (almost obsessive some say) but I've recently (about a month ago) started working at a restaurant and that killed my social/blog life, and to add to that I was doing some part-time studying. I was hence unable to post as regularly. Now that the new look is up, I have revived my tool for procrastination and will try to start posting again. I have a whole backlog of information I've been dying to get rid of.

Scott at Real Epicurean said...

I'm struggling with blog design too. I just checked yours, and to me it's fine - but I can't see the banner the others mentioned? Maybe you're working on it as I type.

One comment I would mention is that the green leaf image on the right is almost 400kb, which is quite large.

Willa Frank said...


i'm using mozilla on a mac and i see the green on your banner just fine!

Celine said...

Scott, yes I was shortening it as you typed :). Thanks. I will try to resize the image.

Willa Frank, thank you for letting me know. I'll work on finding out why I can't see my banner.

Liz said...

Celine- just found book that you might find helpful (unless you are a designer, in which case pardon me for the inadvertant insult).

The Non-designer's Design Book by (the other) Robin Williams.