Monday, October 09, 2006


Dear Teachers and Fellow Students,

I am desperate.

My blog format has gone haywire and I don't know how to correct it.
Would anyone be kind enough to give me some advice?

This Post was written by celine from black.salt


ParisBreakfasts said...

what is exactly the problem ?
I don't see it other than the spaces are quite large btwn posts..?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have fiddled with the table cells.

Mae said...

I agree, your column needs mending. When you change something on your template [that's if you did], always make a back-up copy of it before making any changes. Then, if something is not right and you have deleted or moved something that you shouldn't, you can always rest assured that it can be put back to it's original state. That's just something to bear for next time.

I find your background a little too strong thus making the text hard to read.

ParisBreakfasts said...

Ah..OK now I see it. I agree about the background being somewhat assertive.
Thanks mae, that's good general information about saving the templete.

Celine said...

column/table cells... ok I'll keep trying.
Thank you for the advice and comments about the background parisbreakfasts,mae and anon.

kungfoodie kat said... it looks like you text is formatted with CSS not tables. You need to figure out the ID or Class name for the container that holds your posts text (it might be called 'main'). Then you need to make the container width smaller so the text works with the background.

Was the template working fine before? Did you recently make any changes?

If you can make the main text container smaller it's possible the right sidebar with all your links will pop up into the correct position.

Personally I don't care for the way the text scrolls off the background image at the top. It seems awkward and confusing.

Trig said...

If you didn't keep a copy of your template, don't worry. Just make sure you keep a copy in future, after you fix the problem.

The trick to restore your blog is as follows.

1. Create a new blog in your name called something like xyzxyz123456 that will not be searched if it appears in blog indexes.

2. Use the same host and template format for your new blog.

3. Make one dummy post with title "dummy" and content "dummy".

4. Copy your currupt template into a data file. MS Word is a suitable application.

5. Copy the template of your new blog and paste into your old blog template.

6. Slowly, bit by bit, paste all the template changes you have made from the copy of your blog template into the now updated template. This will mainly be sidebar entries.

7. At each stage, check how things are going using the preview function if you have one, or after re-publishing otherwise.

8. As long as you keep copies as you go and you take your time, this will work. It's the same process that has been used to migrate my blog to a new template today.

Good luck Celine.

Celine said...

kungfoodie kat, I am a very amateur html (or whatever script it is supposed to be nowadays... CSS?) writer. But thank you for your help and comments. I will have to look further into my script and do some researhc on it. I'll look into it once I have more time and will definitely take your comments into consideration.

Thank you so much trig. I've yet to try the method you've posted but the instructions look simple enough for an amateur like me. That helps a lot already. I'll definitely try it once I have more time on my hands.

Meanwhile, thank you everyone for your help and for being patient with me.

anthony fun said...