Friday, July 22, 2005

(Blogger) My Site Search Stopped Working

I hope this query is not just displaying how dumb I am about all this technology stuff, but if so, I guess it's still ok because I can really use help. I am having a strange problem with my site search. For some reason my site search button (on the nav bar on Blogger) is not able to find anything posted after July 8. (I discovered this by trial and error until I came to the dates where the search is working.) It also does the same thing on my Google AdSense search box. I posted a question on blogger forum and someone replied and said it is probably because Google has not indexed my site since then. Is that possible that it would be that long since they have been to my site?

My previous posts before July 8 show up fine when I type in an ingredient and search. I get a complete list of everything. Therefore I am assuming (maybe incorrectly) that it can't be a template problem, otherwise when I republished it would have affected every post.

This is driving me crazy because I have a small but loyal group of readers who use the site all the time to find recipes. Currently they can't find anything I've done for the last two weeks, except by scrolling down the page.

I would be so grateful for any suggestions or ideas that anyone is willing to share. (I'm only in about the first grade in this s'cool, so please speak slowly and use short words.)

Kalyn Denny


Sam said...

hey Kalyn
I am sorry I don't have an answer for you - as I don't really understand all this stuff either.
But the way i thought it worked (though no idea where I got this idea from) is that:
how often google updates you depends on your google page ranking.
the higher your ranking, the more often they update,

but i could be talking out of my nether region.

somebody should do a post about google page rankings some day. not me - it's friday night and I am going out to have fun

Sam said...

ps - you can check your google page rank here

you can add a rank button like the one food blog scool has from the same site by following the instructions here

I think the highest ranking any food blogger seems to have gotten is a six, where ten is the best and zero is the lowest.

Kalyn Denny said...

Thanks for the input Sam. I checked with my brother (he's the techie in the family) and he says you are absolutely right about google updating you based on you page ranking. We both loved the link to the page ranking search. My ranking was a 4 (higher than I had thought it was going to be) so I'm still wondering why they aren't doing it more often.