Thursday, July 21, 2005

[Blogger] How I load Images

I load all of my images to Blogger using Picasa and Hello


  • Because it works perfectly every time

  • It is fast and easy

  • It is absolutely free

  • Blogger allows you to load large images - up to 1024 res

  • I currently have over 1500 x 1024 res images stored on blogger for free

  • Other Considerations

  • I have a separate blog dedicated to my photographs which I hide from my profile

  • When using hello I set my Inline image to 400

  • When using hello I set my Archive image to 1024

  • Picasa/Hello work only with a PC. Not available for mac users.

  • Blogger does not allow third party links to photographs stored on Blogger

  • The photos I store on Blogger can be used on any Blogger blog I own

  • But ther Blogger bloggers cannot directly link to my photos.

  • How to I add my pictures to my Blog posts?

  • First I make Sure I use navigator tabs. File->New->Navigator Tab (or Ctrl+T)

  • In one window I open the blog post I am creating.

  • In another window I open the blog where I have loaded my pictures.

  • I go to the picture I want to use, click my right mouse button down on it and select "View Image"
    This shows me the photographs resolution at 400 resolution.

  • I select the url and 'Copy'

  • I go to the post I am creating and paste in the url of the image into the appropriate place.

  • What is the appropriate place?
    Here are some examples:

    photograph picture of the Explanation of this example (look in the grey box underneath for the code)
    The first url with the href is the link - this is where you will go if you click on the photo. This could be the same image, a larger image or another webpage. In this instance it is a larger version of the image. Next we read in the image you will see on your post. the border is set to 0 = no border. The class is a blgger thing - you could cut this out and it would still work. Next we align the picture to the left size. Left can easily be replaced with right. This will only work where your ohoto is small enough to allow text to wrap to the side in your post. Next I am reducing the size of my image further using width and height. If you do mthis make sure you keep the proportions/ratio the same as your original photo. If you cut the width and height your picture will show up at the input res of 400. Fianlly alt - this is the magic bit: ANy words you choose to put in here will be alternative text for your picture. This is a great way of hiding words in your post that will be picked up by google searches, but that you will never be seen by the general public looking at your post.

    <a href=''>
    <img border='0' class='phostImg' src=''align="left" height="148" width="200" vspace="8" hspace="8" alt="photograph picture Rachael Ray and Sam "></a>

    I coud do more of these examples if anyone needs help, but that is enough for tonight.

    Why don't I use Flickr?

    Well - actually I do use Flickr a bit - for loading pictures I want to show in a Flickr group like EOMEOT and or if I want to them to show on technorati tag like WBW.

    But the reason I haven't adopted them - was
    1) they may charge you for using lots of bandwidth. (at least they did - do they still?)
    2) the resolution is smaller than blogger.

    Ok - that's just my world view. It may well be wrong, please feel free to correct me, but if you have a PC and use Blogger - then I can't recommend this route enough.

    And also they allow auto-moblogging too which is totally easy and wonderful to use.

    OK - time for dinner - hope that helps


    Sam said...

    ok something wierd is happening with the table size.
    its got me beat for tonight.

    Guy said...

    Daaaang. I thought running Movable Type was complicated.
    Not even remotely close.
    All I've ever done was edit my images with Photoshop, the least amount possible.
    Log in to MT, click on Upload image and with a few choices that's all I've ever done.
    You choose embedded or popup and what size.
    I've never even looked at flickr, don't even know what it is.
    Wow, you guys go, more power to you'all. Anyone gives you crud, send them to me. I'll give them 'what for'.



    Sam said...

    i think you can use this stuff too, Biggles, if you want to have more control over your post.

    Don't fret about it too much, here are some nice copper pans I hung just out of your reach.

    Rose said...

    Thank you to everyone who replied.

    Sam--You're a food blog wonder goddess. You're post on how you upload and edit is exactly the "class" I was hoping for. I already use Hello/Picassa, so I'm going to stick with that route. Thank you for taking the time to write it all out.

    Cathy and Lisa--I heard from a friend as well that Flickr is easy to use. I checked out Lisa's blog and see how it links. Nice and easy. Thanks!

    Biggles--hee hee, love technology, but the different options makes it so CONFUSING.

    Again, thanks everyone for the info!

    Farmgirl Susan said...

    Hmmm. I was wondering how you put all those photos in different places, Sam. I use picasa/hello but the pre-school version (open hello, pick your photo off your computer file, send it to your blog where it automatically creates a new post, then go into blogger and start typing under the photo). You get one size photo, in one place, but at least it's there. I will print out your incredibly informative post and read it about a million times. Then maybe I'll get it. Totally lost me on all the resolution talk. I guess I'm letting hello choose all that stuff for me.

    So much to learn!

    Sam said...

    Farm girl - I used the preschool version til I discovered the 'wet nurse' version which is so easy, really.

    Do it from Picassa.
    In Picassa select one or more pictures you want to load (hold them in the tray) and then hit the blogger button - it puts them straight into hello and opens hello for you.

    If you publish them directly into your blog and then type around it, then somebody might see your blog when it is in the progress stage = not good.

    Instead - get yourself a new blog which can be maintained privately, you can load pictures in batches, in advance.

    if you have any questions email me - becasue i understand i may not articulate very well, and assume people know things which they do not.

    i will do some more posts on this
    just read the code and see if you can understand what it is doing
    understand like a prrot - that's how I am and I get by


    Rachael Narins said...

    Proof positive Mac's are not for me...I miss Picasa like CRAZY since getting this durned thing. Sigh. Does anyone know if they will EVER be Mac-compatible?

    Anonymous said...

    Hi. I was wondering, when you send photos from "Hello" to blogger, do you send each photo one by one? And do you give a caption to each photo? In that way basically creating a new post per photo?

    It seems so tedious that when you have a post that you want to contain more than one photo, that you cannot send several photos into one post automatically through "Hello".

    Is this how it is or is there in fact a way to send the batch of photos you have in your tray all at once to one post into Blogger without bothering with putting a caption for each picture?

    No matter what, it seems that there is much room for improvememnt in this area for Blogger to focus on.

    Thank you for your help,
    Ida. (don't know if my post made any sense)

    Anonymous said...

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