Monday, July 11, 2005

[calendar] More events to mark in your diary

Announcement: Wine Blogging Wednesday #12 -- Drink Local. Real Local.
go to Lenndevours for the announcement.

Check out Jen Maiser's site Life Begins at 30 for more details on what else you can do to eat local during the month of August. I hope I am not being presumptious in suggesting she might be a good person to turn to if you have any questions or need any help or encouragement.

Announcement: Sugar High Friday #10 -- Oh Honey, You Shouldn't Have!
go to Baking Sheet for the details.

Announcement: Does My Blog ook Good In This # 7 --!
go to Lex Culinaria for the details.


Guy said...

Hey, I really really really like this Calendar thing. Easy, straightforward way to get what I need. Very helpful.


Sam said...

I think why it is useful because it shows up on food porn watch.

everyone is reminded - you are all free to post up about any events you are hosting or know about if they havent been posted up on this site before.

It's so easy to miss so many of the events! The more reminders all over the place we have, the better!

Guy said...

Eeek, I haven't been to foodpornwatch yet. I'm gettin' there.