Thursday, July 21, 2005

Is Trackback Useful?

I've read up on trackbacks but I still don't understand how it works. Is this a useful thing to have? I added in free haloscan trackbacks and comments to my blog and then learned that unless you are a paid haloscan user, old comments (3 months I think) won't be displayed. They don't tell you this when you least not that I saw. Then I had to go back in and remove the haloscan comments and replace the blogger ones. I kept the trackback though. Should I ditch that too?


Sam said...

Here is a previous post on Food Blog Scool about Trackbacks.
It's a tricky subject to grasp, I think. especially if you don't have it (like I don't) nd therefore can't appreciate its power through direct experience.
I haven't quite embraced it as much as I should, perhaps.

Andrew said...

I find about half the blogs I see use it; many i suspect do not really grasp what it is for and therefore leave it as a default.

It is a tremendous facility and incredibly easy to use. I don't think I fully use its potential either.

It is a way of continuing another bloggers conversation - a step up on just leaving a comment in that you feel the subject is worth a unique post on your blog.

All you do is copy the trackback link from the post you want to link to and enter it in the 'trackbacks to pin' (or whatever box. And that's it.

On the original post you get a link and a snippet of your post - if anyone is interested in seeing your point of view they can follow to your site.

Owen said...

I don't really get trackbacks either - seems like a way to refer back to someone else's post while at the same time having that post link to your reference to it.

I used to use haloscan comments and then switched to blogger and lost all comments - not just those more than three months old. Now I have to figure out how to make Blogger comments look nice...

Sam said...

i noticed clare at eatstuff has done a nice thing with her blogger comments using a blogger hack.

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