Sunday, July 24, 2005

mailing lists?s

Hi all!

My wife and I have recently started blogging for our upcoming newborn as well as the food-related blog that I run. (They're and if you're interested)

Is there as way to start up a mailing list so that when a site is updated, people get the new post emailed to them? When I update our blogs, I do get an email in my main account, so I guess I could just forward that to everyone, but it would be nice if this could be automated.

Several of the people who frequent our baby site aren't completely computer savvy (read: grandparents, etc.) so going with .rss feeds isn't really an option (although I should set one up for the foodie blog).

Sorry for the non-food related spam, but I thought this would be a good place to ask!




Sam said...

Hi Darrell - you can start off your reading with a previous Food bloc S'cool post on the subject which you can fin here .

I know several readers have set up the mailing lists since it was discussed here so I hope that helps.


darell hartlen said...

very cool -- thanks sam!

Cate said...

People can sign up on my site through Bloglet ( You might want to check them out.