Friday, July 15, 2005

Food Blog S'cool Goes International!!

Food Blog S'cool has spawned its first sibling educational establishment in a language other than English. Congratulations to our French-speaking friends, who now have a forum for their food blogging questions too.

Nos blogs cuisinés has been launched by "Claire Japon" who has a beautiful blog called Clea Cuisine.

If you would rather be speaking French instead of, or as well as, English during class, then head over to Nos Blogs Cuisinésand sign up. It works (I think ) in much the same way as this blog, although is more "canalblog" oriented.

School memembership is not exclusive. You can be a member of both if you can converse in the appropriate languages.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support, Sam!
This Food Blog S'cool is such a good idea, I hope it will soon exist in Spanish, German, and every language in the world!

Guy said...

Cheers indeed, a wonderful idea that has done well for many.
It's now that I wish I'd kept up with the French I'd learned in high school (5 years worth). Dang.


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