Sunday, June 18, 2006

[Blogger] Type size problem

I had couple of complaints in the comments of my latest blog post about the size of my font. As if it has changed. To me (using mozzilla firefox) it looks exactly the same size as usual. If you are familiar with my blog and read it regularly, please would you mind taking a look to see if anything about the font size has changed in your eyes? If yes, please can you tell me which browser you use, and whether on a PC or a mac that you see this new problem.


This Post was written by sam from becks & posh


The Old Foodie said...

Hi Sam using IE just now it looks fine - quite normal, and the sidebar is behaving itself

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Hi Sam, I use mostly Firefox and Safari on my Mac and on both you are lookin good.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Sam, sorry I need to correct that. After I reloaded your site on Safari the size kind of shrunk to tiny on your "Boating on the San Francisco Bay", "Where to Watch World Cup Football in San Francisco?" and "New York versus San Francisco on Restaurants & Dining Out"!

Andrew said...

all looks fine and readable in IE7

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam,

On my Mac with Safari the type is significantly smaller than usual.


Julie said...

I viewed your site using Internet Explorer on a PC last week, and the font size on several of the posts was super-tiny. I wish I could offer a solution, but blogger has been troublesome to me too!

Sam said...

Hmmm - now how can that be since i havent changed a thing? A mac issue/safari maybe, which unfortunately is the one thing I can't test. AAArgh. I guess I am going to have to futz around with my blogger template again.

thanks everyone!

in the meantime Cntrl + is your friend (I hope)

FJKramer said...

used IE on 6/20 and all looked well

Anonymous said...

Sam your font size problem is due to the way certain browsers handle 'inheritance'.

Say you apply a 60% sizing to a certain style, but then apply another percentage to a style nested within the first. The child style inherits the percentage of the parent style, and then the new percentage is applied to the 60% size.

So, in some browsers, the percentages compound and some browsers don't bother to do the math and everythings fine.

The real reason for the difference - your span tags aren't nested correctly. That nesting is being ignored by IE, but picked up by Mac Safari.

Cate said...

On one of the computers I use, the font is a lot tinier (I'll report back on which one it is), but on this PC with AOL and IE, you are A-OK.

Cindy said...

Same as usual. I'm using firefox and safari on a mac.