Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shape Magazine Request

I realize this is a strange request, but I'm desperate.

I subscribed to Shape Magazine for two years, between 2002-2004 and I kept all the copies I had. From time to time I experimented with their recipes. Many were duds, but one of them was an absolute favorite: a mini-muffin recipe (3 of them actually: apple, blueberry and corn?) that was not only low in fat/calories, but was delicious...a rare trait among muffin recipes.

Recently, I tried looking amongst my back issues for the recipe and I can't find the issue I'm looking for. I've looked for it everywhere for the last week. It must have been lost in my last move. The two issues I'm missing are the February and April 2004. I'm not quite sure which one the recipe is in, but I know its one of them.

Does anyone subscribe to this magazine and still have these issues? Or know someone who has them? I've tried going through the magazine's website, to no avail. I know it sounds silly and all, I'm just desperate (I really do LOVE the recipe) and I'd like to avoid ordering a back issue if possible.

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mostlymartha said...

My only idea is this. I interned at a similar magazine (ours was 2/3 healthy recipes, 1/3 healthy living). People called all the time asking for recipes from older issues that they loved. Poke around on the website (and, more likely, in the fine print in an issue) and look for a phone number to hteir publisher or editorial offices. Prepare to be put on hold a lot, shunted from desk to desk. If you're lucky, you'll end up with a lowly intern or editorial assistant. Ask nicely, sound pitiful, emphasize how much you love the magazine (maybe imply that you still subscribe, they probably don't have any way to check). If you're lucky, that person will make a copy and mail it to you. I did it all the time (to the people that charmed me enough. Grumpies got nothing.)

It may be a bit of a process, but if it's that amazing a recipe, totally worth it.

Willa Frank said...


I don't know where you live, but I know our public library subscribes to a large number of magazines which they later have bound and archived in the various departments. Perhaps you could also try the public library in your city as another option in your search.

Unknown said...

Try running a search on the Cooking Light Message Boards. I found several Shape muffin recipes there.

Amy Sherman said...

Shape, Oct, 2004, by Robin Vitetta-Miller

Mighty muffins: diet strategy: baking with complex carbs turns this much-maligned quick bread into a nutritional powerhouse

I found it--go here:

Rose said...

Mostly Martha, Willa Frank, Linda and Amy Sherman,

Thank you all SO MUCH for all your helpful tips. In my hour of desperation, I did not think of any of these options. It is absolutely amazing what is available online--I did try googling the articles, but I had no idea something like existed (I should have realized this...heck, everything is online!).

Again, THANK YOU to everyone. All these tips are great for future reference!