Friday, June 09, 2006

Sinking Sidebar

The following problem was resolved in one minute thanks to the great help I got from three members! All I had to do was delete the logo I had put at the top. Thanks to all! I'm keeping the post up for future reference, though.

The sidebar on my blog Cuisine Quotidienne has sunk miserably to the bottom of my page. I did a search and read a similar post about this on Food Blog S'cool, but the answers don't seem to apply to my blog. I hadn't done anything to the sidebar; I simply made a post -- a link-heavy one, if that has anything to do with it -- and when that post went up, the sidebar went down.

Apparently it is still correct on Firefox but not on IE. I have been advised to get Firefox, which may be good advice. But what about all the IE users who are not going to be able to read my blog correctly? That doesn't seem like a real solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This Post was written by bcinfrance (Betty Carlson) from Cuisine Quotidienne


Joe said...

My guess is that ither the picture width or one of the links is too long for that template and that is making the sidebar drop in IE.

William I. Lengeman III said...

It looks fine in Opera, for what that's worth. But so did mine when I had this problem. After trying a bunch of things I found that italics in my posts were the issue. Strange but true.

Kalyn Denny said...

I'm so proud of myself that I knew this, even though Joe has already answered it. Images in the blogger template you have can't be more than 400px wide. The growers and grocers logo you have is 414px wide. That's what's causing it in IE. For some reason Firefox doesn't seem to care.

I have a blog where my students can write and load pictures, and they put things in that are too big all the time and I'm continually having to re-size them. Italics is another thing that can cause it to happen if the italicized text is at the end of the line.

Betty Carlson said...

Thanks so much! First, the Growers and Grocers logo is going to go. Second, the whole post may go to a subsite because there are a lot of links with long titles. Thanks for your help!

Chris said...

Thanks for these comments. I have the same problem with my bloger site. I checked for the photo widths (or thought I did) so maybe it's the italics?