Thursday, June 29, 2006

Order of posts

I am helping a friend with a blog for an event. I was wondering if there is a way to make sure that a particular post is always the first one they see on the blog?

This Post was written by Heather from Eating For One or KS Sisters on the Fly.


Cate said...

The way I do it is with the posting date. The top post will always be the most recent date, so if you keep the dates for subsequent posts prior to date, that will do it.

Anonymous said...

What about a slightly different solution to your problem, one that saves the integrity of a blog (i.e. continuously updated content via posts): What if you incorporate whatever statement you’re trying to make with your first post into the header? You could add a nifty image and really make your site pop. A lot of sites come to mind as an example but check out There’s a lot of info in the header, but it’s all still very clear. Just an idea! Good luck.