Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Adsense invisibility

Ok all, while we are on queer little code issues I have the following:

I have three columns (three containers) and usually have no issues with making changes to a container (any change to the conainer must, by definition, be blog-wide because this is the same template used across all blog pages - or should be)

If you look on the main page on the right side you will see two amazon book spots and then nothing beneath it.

BUT if you look on a permalink page (example page) you will see a google adsense block.

My question is: why is this adsense block not coming up on the main page?

I always use firefox so if you are using something else please let me know if it renders on the main page for you.

Any ideas? Is there some reason why adsense would be blocking this on my main page?

Thanks ahead of time.

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SusanV said...

I use IE, and I see a bigger problem than your ads not coming up (and they don't): the entire middle section is blank until I scroll down to where your left column ends. So on first glance, your blog appears empty of content. Your permalink page does look fine, as you say.

BTW, I'm in deep photo envy at your incredibly sharp pictures!

nika said...

I see that now ( I HATE opening an IE browser so I have not been testing with it)

If I resize the browser window it pops back up to the top of the page.. it must be something happening with the image size in the posts.

MAN I thought my template had all the IE debugging codes for this sort of stuff. It hurts my brain to think about the work around for that.

Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for the kind words to re: the photos.. I invested in a Canon 30D and it is a DREAM. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

gerald said...

I noticed this on my blog specifically when I tried adding adsense in the footer of each of the posts on the main page. I noticed the adsense would only appear on the first 2 posts and the one on the side bar would disappear. My theory is, google only allows the block of ads to appear a limited number of times on blogger.

nika said...

Gerald: I agree that google is up to some wierdness but I dont think thats it. If you look at the permalink page you will see ads both in the posts and the sidebar. :-/

Owen said...

very straightforward - adsense terms of service are no more than 3 ad blocks per page. they auto enforce where they can and sometimes get fooled and only allow two. nothing you can do about it, although I counted and found 3 in the main block.

I'd change the main page to only show 2 posts - then you should get all three to show - AND since your posts are so incredibly long (a GOOD thing), I'm not sure how many people are actually scrolling all the way down to the third post.

nika said...

Owen: awesome, I knew someone here would be able to point out the obvious which I wasnt getting! WIll experiment with it now.

nika said...

Works! Millions of thanx. Now I have to noodle over the IE issues with columns fighting with images (which firefox doesnt do)