Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blog Viewing Issues - Firefox

I received a comment on my blog that the commenter was having issues viewing my blog in Mozilla/Firefox. My sidebar's text appeared so small that it was illegible to him.

I viewed my blog on Firefox on both a Mac and a PC and it looks fine to me. Is there something on my end that could be causing this, or is this just his computer?

This Post was written by KT from Gastronomy 101.


paul said...

In your sidebar, the links that say "Email Me!" and "RETURN TO HOME PAGE" have improper closing tags.

In other words the ending header 6 tags that now say " <h6>" need to say </h6>

The code error is ignored by most browsers, but some see a double nested tag and apply a 75% sizing times 2 to all fonts thereafter, causing the tiny size.

Sam said...

it looks fine to me. have found different people have different tolerances for the sizes of type faces. What one person deems the perfect size, another detests. I am long sighted so find it easier to read smaller type faces. I am sure this will change as I get older.

KT said...

Thank you thank you thank you Paul ... I will go make the change.

Cate said...

Looks fine in AOL.

Garrett said...

Sweet, it's all fixed now, my computer totally reads it now!